Alderney Landing is now hiring Summer Staff!

Call for Applications:

Alderney Landing & The Craig Gallery are currently hiring Summer Staff for 10 and 12 week positions. Applicants should be available to begin contract in mid-May. Listed below are the details of the positions, start and end dates and salary. Please forward this email to someone you know who may be interested.

Please forward cover letter and resumé to

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

The Craig Gallery – Art Gallery Assistant

12 week position, June 4- August 31st

30hrs/wk, Tuesday-Saturday, $12/hr

Art Gallery assistant will be trained in art gallery protocol, introducing them to the vast community of supporters and artists, and training them in administrative management and standard Gallery exhibit practices. Throughout the 12 weeks, there will be some training in grant writing, facilitation of additional programming such as classes, artist talks, curating and art programming for youth, along with marketing for upcoming shows.

Successful applicants should be outgoing and have an interest in the arts and some gallery experience. They should also be self directed and able to work confidently on their own. Greeting the public, working with children and arts and crafts experience will be helpful. We are an inclusive facility with a diverse clientele. We expect our staff to maintain a friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming place to visit for all.

Art & Theatre Camp Counselors

12 week position, May 21st- August 16th

35hrs/wk, Monday – Friday, $12/hr

Art and Theatre Camp Counselors are responsible for many aspects of the children’s art and theatre camps, including recreation, communications, child safety, and preparing project materials. During the weeks of the camps they are responsible for the safety and well being of children aged 6-12. Other tasks are registration, parent communication, assisting instructors, assisting children with art work, directing activities and related class structure and child supervision.

Students Counselors will be supervised and directed by the Camp Leader and Supervisor. The Camp Leader will oversee the general running of the camps and Camp Counselors will work together with the Camp Leader to provide a fun and successful week for everyone. Successful candidates will have experience working with children, experience and interest in the arts, be self-directed, energetic and outgoing with a positive attitude. Alderney Landing maintains a welcoming and inclusive facility for all, we encourage our staff to do the same.

Art & Theatre Camp Leader

12 week position, May 21st- August 16th

35-40hrs/wk, Monday – Friday, $14/hr

Children’s Art and Theatre Camp Leader should be a natural leader. They will be responsible for working with the Camp Coordinator in all aspects of the camps, including digital administration – program development, registration, scheduling; Leadership- working with Art and Theatre Instructors and counselors to become familiar with projects and preparing materials and aiding the counselors in successfully helping the children enjoy their camps;

During the weeks of the camps they are part of team which is responsible for the safety and well being of children aged 7-12. Other tasks for Camp Leader are are registration; filing weekly reports, assisting instructors, leading a team of counselors, class structure and child supervision.

An enthusiastic, self-directed individual who enjoys a highly energetic team atmosphere will have fun in this position.



July 8-12, ages 6-10

With Instructor Camila Salcedo

This week we’re going to work with the ooiest, gooiest, squishiest, mushiest, spongiest materials and create glowing, puffy, slimy, sparkly, colourful SLIME! We’re going to be looking at the chemistry of making slime and the artful ways to decorate it and try our hand at homemade play dough. Our week will be filled with slime related activities including everything from mud pies to seaweed sculpture. It’s going to be a tactile adventure and a half!


July 15-19, ages 6-10

With Instructor Camila Salcedo

In this week’s activities we’re going to look at our neighbourhood through a new lens and find out where these mystical magical creatures from our imagination really exist… We’ll start by preparing our field kits with a magnifying glass, a creature catching (and release) case and our homemade field journals for note taking and sketches. We’ll do daily morning outings to local parks, ponds, and the ocean, and inspect local creatures through a new lens, inspiring our imaginations to come up with our own Fantastic Beasts that are OUT OF THIS WORLD!


July 22-26, ages 6-10

With Instructor Genny Killin

Puppets are the theme of this week’s activities with a heavy nod to puppet hero Jim Henson! Students will create their own paper puppets, sock puppets stick puppets and foam puppet characters this week, working with facial features and quirky personality portraits and caricatures of our families, friends and pets for our new monster moppets.

Theatre Camp Descriptions


July 2 -12, ages 6-10

With Instructor Zachary Comeau

This 2 week camp will have the students exploring the magical world of Mary Poppins through books, movies, costume crafts and in-depth acting exercises. Zachary Comeau is an excellent acting and performance instructor with the ability to bring his high energy approach to this two week theatrical adventure. The final performance will be as sweet as a ‘spoonful of sugar!’


July 22 – August 2, Ages 9-12

With Instructor Dan Morash

This 2 week Camp will be chok full of Cosplay & Comic Book Action Heroes through costume and character development. An epic battle is sure to ensue! There will be an action-packed performance of the collaborative script on the final camp day with all parents cheering for their favourite hero!

Lee Cripps

Fine Arts Program Director and Craig Gallery Coordinator at Alderney Landing, 902-461-4698 x215

The Craig Gallery is currently available as a perfectly beautiful setting for your receptions, meetings or intimate concerts. Call for more info.