Rhonda Barrett Opening at ART1274 Hollis

Rhonda Barrett Opening on 04-Apr-2019

6:00 pm
Thursday, April 4, 2019
1274 Hollis Street, Halifax

Artist statement:
‘Park’ is a collection of up-cycled collage works that, through the side by side placement of two images, one associated with parking and the other with a local HRM park, aims to draw attention to issues such as land use and urban planning in today’s society. A clever play on words used in the titles of the works also adds to the simple ask of the viewer to debate and discuss the topic of how we use and appreciate space. The juxtaposition of images from a mostly natural setting and the human construct of a parking space calls into question how we value space, how we use space, how we enjoy space, and ultimately highlights our lives in a urban setting.

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