Call for Submissions: CFAT Media Art Scholarship

Installation Shot of ‘Still Life’ by Julie Robert. Photo by Stoo Metz.

Call for Submissions:
2019/20 Media Art Scholarship Program

Applications Due: Midnight, Thursday June 6th, 2019

You’ve been asking and we’re finally ready! CFAT is pleased to open up the call for submissions to the 32nd Annual Media Art Scholarship program. The CFAT Media Arts Scholarship program is a rigorous six-month education and mentorship opportunity for artists who propose to make a media art project. Selected applicants are required to make a media art piece. More info on the program can be found here..

All applications are to be submitted by email with the subject line ‘Media Art Scholarship’. Physical applications will not be accepted. CFAT offers free access to our computers for anyone working on an application for our programs. Let us know by phone or email if this is necessary, as well as the program to which you are applying, and we will arrange this with you.

We will be holding an info session on how to apply on May 15th, 2019 at 6pm at the Centre for Art Tapes (2238 Maitland St). If you have any questions about the program or submission process call Tori Fleming, Programming Director at (902) 422-6822 or email .

Please submit the following information:

Contact Info
Phone Number

How did you hear about the scholarship program?

Why do you think you would benefit from a mentorship program?
While the Scholarship program is a great resource for equipment, facilities and promotion – we consider the most important part of the program to be the mentorship we provide from experts in media art. Why do you think you would benefit from one on one mentorship? Why is this a good point in your life for mentorship? (250 words max.)

Title of Proposed Project

Conceptual Outline
Please describe the concept/theme/idea of the work. (250 words max.)

How will the project look/sound/function?
What form/medium will the final project take? (250 words max)

How do you envision the project being presented?
What will the audience see? How will they interact with the piece? Will the work be screened in a theatre setting? Installed in a particular space? Audio on headphones? Etc. (250 words max)

What past experience, if any, do you have with media art?
Please note that this is just for our reference in building workshops, inexperience will not prevent you from being admitted to the program. (250 words or less)

What programs/skills do you think you will need?
(Ex. Sound recording, colour correction, circuit bending, etc.) It’s ok if you’re not sure entirely what would be needed – we just want an idea of what tools you’re thinking about.

Are you able to attend regular Thursday evening workshops from August – December 2018?

Attach a CV or resume of any relevant experience you may have.

Up to 6 images.
Images can be of past work, or used to illustrate your idea.

Questions? Feel free to call CFAT Programming Director, Tori Fleming at (902) 422-8622 or by email at

Centre for Art Tapes
2238 Maitland Street, Halifax, NS B3K 2Z9