Assorted Glass Fusing Supplies For Sale

Assorted Glass Fusing Supplies For Sale

Further info is on kijiji – please follow the links after each item for more details.

1. Bundle of 22 assorted coloured “Glassline” brand paint “pens” for only $130 (less than $6 a bottle). The paints have barely been used so they’re a little dry in the bottle, but dilute with a little water and they’ll be good as new. The bottles about 80-90% full, except for the gold which has less. The paints are for lining and shading on glass and must be fired in a kiln (not oven).

2. Unique Glass Colours Paint. Bundle of 6 assorted pots for only $35. Unused.

3. $100 for around 12lb bundle of Coloured Spectrum 96 Glass sheets – red, purple, green and aqua strips of fusing glass.

4. Large selection of Bullseye Glass compatible fusing glass. Lots of colours. Would prefer to sell as whole sheets rather than cut up. Price competitive with Bullseye Wholesale Rates.

5. Jewellery Busts (– make me an offer

6. Stirling Jewellery Findings (– make me an offer

7. Plate Display Stands (– make me an offer

Located near to Hubbards. Will ship for additional $$. More details on Kijiji.

Contact if you’re interested. Thanks!