Murmuration – Rebecca Hamlin Green at ARTsPLACE

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ARTsPLACE Gallery is excited to be presenting US-based artist, Rebecca Hamlin Green’s exhibition Murmuration. Rebecca will be in Annapolis Royal, prior to the opening reception on Sunday, March 24, to install her work in the main gallery. The opening reception will run from 1 pm – 3 pm, March 24, the show will run March 26 – April 27, 2019.

Like the mysterious formation of birds in a flock, Murmuration is an installation of felt, lace, clay and paper that spans the interior of the gallery and undulates through form, value, and space. By using clay as a means of coloration rather than construction, the connection of clay and earth is more poignant as it is made visually light, featherweight and transitional. Accompanied by bodies of birds in large-scale drawings, felt, lace and curated objects, the elements of this room-sized piece arrange to form a visually cohesive group while still holding the potential for individual connection with material and memory.

Using sculptural, thrown and altered forms along with unorthodox ceramic materials, my work evokes the architecture of wild animals while examining elements of our human identity. In exploring these structures, I use clay taken out of its plastic state and combine the liquid slip with fabric or grass to and then allow them all to harden and adhere together with other found and created ceramic objects, causing all materials to transform visually and conceptually within the forms. The building process is intuitive and collective, with smudges of wet clay becoming a kind of history of process on the walls and floor, allowing the finished piece to reflect the relationships of forms in nature with those we recognize as human.

Rebecca Hamlin Green is an American artist living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Her ceramic and installation work has received national and international attention through group and solo exhibitions in Belgium, Korea, Portland, Berkeley, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Lexington, KY. She has recently installed solo exhibitions at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she earned her MFA in 2012. She is fascinated by wildlife and the breadth of patterns, cycles and modulations of natural and domestic systems.
Image: large-scale drawing, Hamlin Green.