Theme: ‘Spring’

The spring season conjures up ideas of renewal, rebirth, and regeneration. In our geographical location, it means longer days, where the sun reaches farther into the evenings. It means snow melting and the ground thawing, birds chirping and planting bulbs. In a larger sense, this idea of regeneration can be applied in a more general way to our use of the earth and its resources. The essence of spring can be found in artists leaning towards reuse and recycling in the arts, or drawing attention to nature, political and environmental issues in the arts. The longing for a start-over and /or another chance to grow can also be found in the theme of spring.

Accepted artworks:

Unfortunately, the exhibition space does not allow for large sculptural pieces. Small pieces which can fit inside of a 10” cube may be accepted, however, they will be displayed upon a closed shelf with only an open front for viewing.

Two dimensional works shall be no larger than 24×24” and must be ready for hanging with D-rings and wire attached. All media may be accepted. Artworks do not need to be framed, but edges shall be finished so that the piece is ‘ready to hang’.

This exhibition will comprise of works chosen by the host, Rhonda Barrett. It is her goal to have a variety of interpretations of the theme, and include pieces of many mediums. Artists are therefore asked to submit a maximum of three (3) artworks for submission.

Application process:

To apply to this exhibition artists must provide the following in the body of an email to



Phone number:

Instagram and/or facebook link:

Short bio of 100 words or less:

Short statement about submitted piece(s) indicating how it fits the theme of spring:

Photo(s) of artwork: (1 or 2 images of 2d work cropped to only show the artwork, no frame or background and up to 3 images of sculptural pieces may be submitted) Photos must be included as attachments and be labelled with the following format – first name_last name_title of piece.jpg. Any artworks sold during the exhibition will only be subject to a %10 commission.

Important Exhibition dates:

February 14, 2019 – Submissions open

February 28 at 11:59pm – Submissions close

March 07 – Artists contacted about acceptance

March 13 – Artworks must be dropped off to the studio between 6-8pm (alternate arrangements can be made prior if necessary)

March 20 – Opening of exhibition, opening event planned for 7-9pm, Wednesday. Viewing of show available daily between 10-3pm Thursday and Friday, 11-4pm Saturday and 10-6pm Sunday and Monday

March 25 – Exhibition ends at 6pm

March 26 – Announcement of Best in Show as voted by the public through social media

March 31 – 10-1pm Pick-up of unsold work. Payments to artists with sold work will be made through EMT, cash or cheque. Receipts will be made.

About the exhibition space:

The show will be held within Rhonda Barrett’s (the host), third floor studio space in historic Veith House in the North End of Halifax located at the corner of Young Street and Devonshire. There is a foyer, studio space and a gallery space. The foyer will not be used for the hanging of artworks. The gallery space is approximately 12×16 feet square with soaring ceilings. Art will be hung in a salon format, meaning that depending on the number of chosen pieces, it may not all be hung at eye level.

It is not a barrier free space and there is no elevator to the third floor, although the main floor is accessible. There is one unisex washroom for use outside of the studio space in a shared hallway.

It is within a shared building, and therefore, respect for other tenants is very important. For this reason, the opening event and subsequent times for viewing have been chosen to cause the least interference with daily operations.

This building is located on K’jipuktuk, Mi’kmaq territory which has never been ceded or surrendered.

About the host:

Rhonda is a self-taught artist from Newfoundland, currently living in Nova Scotia, who found paper collage and the joy that can be found in little bits of paper glued to canvas. The irony of using disposable sources of paper such as newspapers to create lasting artworks is not lost on the artist, but rather, is part of the statement she tries to make about society and our consumerism and lack of connection in general. She works out of her studio in Halifax, NS.

She is currently a member of Art 1274 Hollis, Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS), Canadian Artists Representation (CARFAC), and The Paper Artist Collective (UK). Her work has been seen in solo

exhibitions and group exhibitions in numerous galleries in Nova Scotia and Montreal, QC. She was also featured in Metro News Halifax and Toronto, January 2017 as well as Murze Magazine in December 2018.

Visit her at to learn more

Rhonda Barrett

Newspaper Collage Artist

Instagram: @littlebitsofpaperbigart