Frank Forrestall’s “NEVERWORLDS” come to The Craig

Frank Forrestall “NEVERWORLDS”

Wine and cheese reception on

Wednesday, March 6, 5-7pm, all welcome

at The Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing, Dartmouth

Show continues until March 31st

contact 902-461-4698 x 215,


NEVERWORLDS is another stage in my exploration of personal mythic imagery. It represents my ongoing attempts to capture transcendent concepts in a personal iconography. Growing up in a Catholic household I spent my formative years believing in ineffable entities of spiritual power; angels, devils, saints and holy spirits were active concepts; although never seen they were always understood to be real in a tangible sense. As a teenager I disconnected from my intrinsic belief system and began what would become a life-long journey to construct and appropriate a personal iconography to replace my childhood beliefs; my Neverworlds.

Renowned Mythologist Joseph Campbell once said “myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.” Drawing on my interest in mythology, pop-culture and iconography of other spiritual paths such as alchemy and divination, I’ve attempted to distill meaningful imagery that moves fluidly between the realms of personal and public myths. Combining techniques of automatic drawing with focused attention to detail. My work is an attempt to find the eternal mythological elements of my subconscious realm and merge them with the shadow of our shared culture.

Frank Forrestall was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia the youngest of 6 in a family of artists. Frank is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker practising painting, animation and visual effects. His films have been screened in festivals around the world and his art exhibited in Halifax and around Nova Scotia.Frank’s work has been collected privately across Canada, the US and the UK.

Lee Cripps

Fine Arts Program Director and Craig Gallery Coordinator

at Alderney Landing, 902-461-4698 x215

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