Tues. Jan. 22 regular meeting of Bridgewater Photo Club

The next regular meeting of the Bridgewater Photo Club will take place Tuesday evening, January 22nd. The program will include a variety of activities—competitive, non-competitive; educational; just-for-fun. Three club members are featured on the program. Linda Hall will present a slideshow of her trip to Spain, and Mary Ann Bell-Massey will speak to her slideshow entitled “Great Britain and the Emerald Isle.” Sherry Hudson will facilitate an interactive activity to reveal and explore stories captured in photos shared among members.

The competition committee has organized all submissions for two digital competitions in the categories of Humanity and The Way We Live (which is a new category this year). Appointed judges will review the anonymous submissions and then announce names of those who received 12 or more points out of a possible 15.

All images submitted by three teams as part of the 2018 Scavenger Hunt in Lunenburg will also be presented as a slideshow. This hunt was an afternoon activity in November involving a frantic but fun search for specific items in a given timeframe. Finally, the club will view a slideshow entitled “Graffiti World” composed of images shared by club members as part of the ongoing, non-competitive Photo-Share series. (The theme of our next Photo-Share is “Contemplative Images” to be viewed Feb 26th.)

Non-members may join the meeting with a donation at the door to help cover club costs. The club meets at the MARC, 33 Leary Fraser Road, Dayspring, NS. Doors open at 6:30 PM, and the official program begins at 6:45.