Zalman Amit – Opening Wednesday, January 9th at The Craig Gallery

We are absolutely thrilled to present new work by Lunenburg’s Zalman Amit. Please do come to our wine and cheese reception starting at 5pm tomorrow to see this divine showing of sculptural wood turning. Meeting this highly skilled artist and seeing his work will make your heart leap.

Wednesday (tomorrow), January 9th, 2019, 5-7pm at The Craig Gallery.

I do hope each of you comes out to support this wonderful spirit and creative.

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Opening Wednesday, January 9, 5-7p All Welcome


Zalman Amit


In The Craig Gallery

Opening Wednesday, January 9th, 5-7pm, wine & cheese, Everyone welcome

Exhibit runs through February 3

Zalman has created a series of sculptural objects focusing his aesthetic efforts on provocative play between negative space and solid components of sculpture.

“Many years ago, as a kid of sixteen, I spent a summer in an Israeli Kibutz.

This Kibutz had a woodturning shop specializing in the production of tool handles…

Some fifty years later I was able to revisit my love of wood. The past few years led me to an increased concentration in the production of turned objects designed on the basis of “negative Space”. I defined this approach to turning as items in which empty space was a larger factor than space covered by wood.

The current show in The Craig Gallery is a result of this concentration and the vessels included in this exhibition bear witness to my approach and efforts.”

Zalman Amit, hailing from Israel, currently lives on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Having exhibited throughout Canada and currently as an active member of Lunenburg’s Peer Gallery, he brings his work to The Craig Gallery for the second time.

Join us for the reception on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at 5pm to welcome him with a wine reception once again. Our receptions are free and open to the public for all to enjoy with live entertainment.

The exhibit continues through Sunday, February 3rd.


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