Tis the Season for Giving!

Parrsboro Creative 25/50 – 150 Campaign

Parrsboro is changing! Our reputation as a creative magnet and a tourism hotspot is growing fast, and we’re on our way to becoming one of the most unique and exciting arts and culture destinations in the Maritimes.
Each year more artists are coming here to paint our spectacular land and seascapes, and more visitors are coming here to experience our festivals like the Parrsboro International Plein Air Festival and 10 Days in October.
At Parrsboro Creative, we’re working hard to spread the word about how much this community has to offer, not just to people in the Atlantic provinces, but across Canada and the USA.
So what does this all mean?
It means more visitors spending their money in our business community and more people deciding to move here. And – this all adds up to one thing – a new future for Parrsboro.
There’s still plenty to do and we need your support. To keep our programs going, we are looking for donations of $25 & $50 from 150 people.

The 25/50 – 150 Campaign
Making a Difference in Real Time