Send a little love to CFAT this holiday season

To our members, fans and artists;

CFAT is an artist-driven media art presentation and production centre; our aim is to support the enjoyment, creation and preservation of experimental contemporary media art practices.

For nearly 40 years CFAT has been a cornerstone of Nova Scotia’s contemporary art scene, supporting artists through education, production support and career-building exhibitions. We believe in peer and informal learning, and the power of community to make media art more visible and more accessible.

Throughout the year CFAT fundraises to ensure that we can continue to offer the critical support services that media artists need, and keep all of our events free to the public! We recognize that media art can be expensive and time-intensive to create, and aim to never turn away an artist or community group from working with us or using our facilities due to lack of funds.

This year we are only $1000 away from reaching our annual fundraising goal! Contributions of any size are tax deductible and go towards the upkeep of our facility, repairing equipment, and directly funding our programs.

To contribute to CFAT’s year-end fundraising please follow the link below.

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If you would like to learn more about CFAT you can reach out to us at

With sincere gratitude,

The Directors of Centre for Art Tapes
Sally Raab-Wolchyn, Tom Elliott and Tori Fleming.