Black Rabbit Call for Submissions “SLEEP”

Black Rabbit

Call for Submissions


We step through the doorway and enter the ocean of dreamworlds. Much is revealed to us during these visits : stories, surprises, monsters, mirrors

In the dreamworlds, time and space are of little relevance. Landscapes shift as they please. Bodies shift as they please. Senses shape shift, a surreal synesthesia. Nothing is bound by the rules of the waking. Disorder and chaos run free.

There are tales of whole lifetimes being lived in the span of one night. Mythological creatures and impossible encounters grace the sidewalks of the sleeping mind. What are these creatures seeking from us? What do we seek of them?

Each night we whirlwind through windows of so many stories, and when we resurface, sometimes there are flotsam trailing on our minds. What do we leave behind with each waking? What is never revealed to us to start? There are so many dream doors that we never open – infinite fields of that world, unseen.

You are being invited to open those doors.

To imagine what has been hidden behind the heavy veils of the vast ocean.

Black Rabbit invites you to explore dreams, disorder, and deconstruction of time and space through performance and wearables. Works that can be presented on the body, on a stage, solo or group, exploring cloth, body, voice, or movement are encouraged. All levels of dreamlike disorder are welcome. Works can be new or pre-existing.

The show will open in the format of a fashion show, but artists are encouraged to explore the space off-stage and around the audience. From January-March, there will be 2-3 workshops for artists to discuss and develop work collectively. The pieces will be shown collectively on the evening of March 23rd.

To apply:

Submit a proposal (500 words max) to Include a description of the work/concept, number of people involved, and technical requirements. Include support material (of the current or past work) if applicable.

Apply by December 29.

Black Rabbit Call for Submissions

Black Rabbit is the off-season counterpart to the happenings of White Rabbit Arts and the Red Clay Studio Society. Past years have seen Circus of the Normal and Black Rabbit Radio. We welcome participation from past rabbits, volunteers, friends and wanderers.

See you somewhere down the rabbit hole…

THU, NOV 29 AT 7:00 PM

This is a free public info session for anyone looking to learn more and get involved.