Ross Creek has some great news!

November 23, 2018

We are so excited to share some news!

We have been challenged to raise $20,000, which will then be matched (up to $20 K) by donors Jason Roth and Cheryl Steadman-Roth by December 24. You can let us determine where it is most needed, or designate your funding to an aspect of our work that touches you the most.

We hope that you will help us meet our goals, becoming part of the creative process and helping make the world a better place through art. Keep track of how close we are to achieving our goals and maximizing the matching gift.

We are looking back with pride at a 2018 filled with increased year-round activity, inspiring creation, and a positive impact on our community.

This coming year, Two Planks and a Passion Theatre’s programming includes: Frankenstein by Fire by Allen Cole and Ken Schwartz, In This Light by Governor General award-winning playwright Catherine Banks, and The Ruins (by fire) by Gillian Clark.

Ross Creek will focus on continuing to provide the best arts camps for children and teens, extraordinary residency opportunities for artists from around the world, and our commitment to community outreach and engagement through the arts. We have new partnerships with local farms and food banks, libraries and schools. We are also now working to upgrade our facilities, including adding solar power and a functional heating system for the main building and artist cabins.

Our board and staff are working to make Ross Creek and Two Planks stronger, and hoping that through this campaign, you will join us to make our work and our facilities sustainable and exciting for years, and even generations, to come.

See how to donate (including securities) and why Jason and Cheryl have become major champions of our cause.

Ross Creek is a destination and an experience like no other. We are proud to work year-round to make the arts a vital and vibrant part of the lives of people in our community, and far beyond. This is all made possible through your generosity and support and we are excited for this challenge.

If you have already donated, we thank you so much and look forward to celebrating together. You have already made a difference.

Ms. Chris O’Neill, Executive Director Ken Schwartz, Artistic Director

PS We know that not everyone can afford to give money, and while in kind and volunteer time won’t count toward the matching gift, we value it highly! Get in touch to see how you can be part of our team and know how much we appreciate all contributions!