Lewis Mask Collection Exhibition at Ross Creek

Lewis Mask Collection Opening Exhibition Nov 9-Dec 21

Lee and Herb Lewis shared interests in ethnology, folk art and travel, and this special collection includes masks from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the South Pacific, usually purchased directly from artists. Spanning different eras and cultures, and often with important with cultural or ritual purposes, the masks are a window into traditions and art forms that are often endangered, or have been changed for a tourist market.
The simplicity of a Mexican Day of the Dead Mask, the vibrancy of the Indonesian dance masks, the hide and hair mask of a Liberian secret society, each combine with many others to reflect both the passion and personalities of the collectors and the virtuosity of traditional artisans around the world. Discover the context and cultures of the masks in an extraordinary exhibit.

Exhibition Opening: Sunday, December 2nd, 1pm — 3pm
Tour the Collection: November 9 — December 21


Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

555 Ross Creek Rd RR 3, Canning, Nova Scotia


Masks & Merry-Making Community Arts Day!


Explore the incredible Lewis Mask Collection of international masks on display in our gallery and be inspired to create some yourself!
Come make holiday gifts, masks, and enjoy international and festive foods and music! You can also buy our homemade Cookie Dough in time for the holiday season!

Admission is by Donation.

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