Hélène Blanchet’s “Calgary Days” Opens at The Craig October 30th

Hélène Blanchet
“Calgary Days”
In The Craig Gallery October 31-December 2
Opening Reception & Artist Talk Tuesday, October 30, 5-7pm

The series “Calgary Days” features quilts that depict everyday scenes, activities and events unique to their brief stay in Calgary. The people, the sights, the colours are all captured in her signature folk art style. A natural story-teller, Hélène brings her stories to life in the minutia of detail featured in every piece. Tiny bits of cloth are painstakingly appliquéd with minuscule stitches onto a background of fine quilting and adorned with colourful embroidery threads and wee glass beads. The more one looks, the more the story unfolds to reveal a delightful scene of our everyday. In the past 7 years, Hélène has created 15 quilts depicting their adventures in Calgary, 14 of which are displayed in this exhibit.

Textile artist Hélène Blanchet has been quilting for over 25 years and is mostly self-taught. For several years her husband’s work gave them the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world, including a brief stint residing in Calgary, Alberta. These travels nourished her love of traditional textiles of all kinds, old and new, and have had large influence on her work. She draws inspiration from these traditions, the natural world, family and her beloved Nova Scotia.


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