Coming up at The Craig Gallery

Coming up at The Craig Gallery

Thursday and Saturday are off the hook!

The 20th Annual Mosaic for Mental Health opens on tomorrow, Thursday, October 11th, preview at 5:30pm, and lots of great programming onsite for the night of Nocturne, Saturday, October 13th, 6pm – midnight.

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CMHA Mosaic for Mental Health

Be sure to stop in to The Craig Thursday, October 11th for the grand opening of the 20th ANNUAL Mosaic for MENTAL HEALTH, ‘Celebrating Art and Community’.

Opening October 11th, 6:30 – 8:30pm, preview at 5:30pm. Artists donate 100s of original 6 x 6″ works of art in support of CMHA Halifax-Dartmouth social programs. Original 6 x 6″ works of art are $25 each, along with a variety of frames, cards and other items perfect for gifting!

A wonderful way to support your community and own some extraordinary art made by some of our community’s most esteemed artists. Be sure get here early – tiles sell quickly!

Nocturne at Alderney Landing

Add us to your list of destinations on Saturday, October 13th for NOCTURNE 2018! We’re featuring some great interactive performances in both our Market and Theatre, 6pm – midnight.
Nocturne at Alderney Landing
Saturday, October 13th, 6pm – Midnight
Featuring CMHA “Mosaic for Mental Health” in The Craig Gallery
The Nostos Dance Collective with “Women of 100 Faces” in The Market
& Interactive Collaborarive Project, “That Which We Cannot Own” In the Theatre & Rotunda

In the Theatre and Rotunda:

Project title: That Which We Cannot Own

This project is an intermedia collaborative project. With Leelee Davis choreographing and creating light installations, LIsa Gambletron (MTL) creating live sound scores, Dayna Danger (MTL) contributing film and image content, and Bilal Baig as content writer, all 4 will be active performers the night of Nocturne. There will be an additional group of 4-8 performers (tbd) the night of as well.

This activation of the space will demonstrate and audio and visual experience, as well as elements to physically engage the audience. The quartet will investigate and present themes surrounding the concept of ‘being a visitor’. We question when, if ever, do we stop being guests? How do we activate ourselves in a place as more than guests? Are we ever able to? What does it mean to be a settler somewhere, or indigenous to a place? In a climate of capitalism and consumerism what can we truly, if ever, own? What are the gifts of relinquishing ownership? Through film, sound, text, and movement, we address these questions.

Web links of core artists:

Leelee Davis-
website- bio-

Lisa Gambletron-
website- bio-

Dayna Danger-
webstie- bio-

Bilal Baig-
website- no website presently/ bio-

In the Market:

Women of 100 Faces

Women of 100 Faces is a multi-disciplinary project featuring art works by Lauren Hebb and movement from the dancers of Nostos Collectives Dance Association.

This exhibit showcases Hebb’s collection of sketches of women via projections. These sketches of art being featured will be of various female faces. Nostos Collectives and Hebb will collaborate at creating a character and story behind each of these women she has drawn, by exploring their emotional states, textures and potential narratives. Dancers will then have the challenge of interpreting these stories, emotions and states of the women portrayed into their own bodies and contemporary dance vocabulary.

This event will run for the course of the night with the complete set of artwork showcased each hour on the hour.

Nostos Collectives Dance Association, founded in 2014 by Jessica Lowe and Olivia Aubrecht, is an autonomous group of emerging contemporary dance artists who have graduated from various training programs and continue to challenge each other’s craft of choreography and performance. We have grown these past five years in Halifax’s community to embody a certain movement aesthetic composed of raw physicality, floor work, partnering, and inventive use of bodies and space. In our creation processes, all of our artists collaborate with the choreographers to achieve cohesive works, often commenting on current socio-political issues, either through abstraction or narration.

The artwork we will be featuring in this project is by Lauren Hebb. Hebb is a twenty-year-old Saint Mary’s University student taking a bachelor of commerce degree, majoring in marketing. She is a self-taught artist that focuses on acrylic and watercolor painting, as well as pencil and charcoal drawings. Growing up in the small town of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, replicating images such as painting the water as well as sketching faces are huge inspirations for her artwork.

The Craig Gallery,

Alderney Landing,

2 Ochterloney Street,

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia