Making your Mark at the Fraser

Making Your Mark

In this workshop we will develop a personal markmaking vocabulary we can use to create design and pattern on fabric. We will make several fun explorations on paper then apply these ideas to our fabric, re- working the designs to create complex compositions of lines, marks and colour. (Bonus: practice papers will become artist books!)

Please bring if possible:

3 or 4 Q-tips, old credit card, comb, ballpoint pen, 1 fine tip and 1
thicker tip black marker, skewer or chopstick, small paint roller (3&(available at Cdn Tire or paint stores), small pieces of solid pale
coloured fabric approx 6 -8 in., scissors.

Materials supplied:

Paints, ink, drawing paper, white cotton blend fabric, threads,
acrylic sheet to paint on, brushes, scrapers and other markmaking tools.

To register and pay send email transfer to

Fraser Cultural Centre
362 Main St. Tatamagouche, NS

(902) 657-3285