“Emotive Landscapes” by Kate Ward in the Corridor Gallery October 3 – 30

Inspired by a recent residency in Iceland, Kate Ward shows her watercolour landscapes and mixed media sculptures.

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Emotive Landscapes
Kate Ward
October 3 – 30, 2018

(Halifax/ K’jipuktuk) In the current exhibition at the Corridor Gallery, Kate Ward shows her watercolour studies and wool and steel sculptures, inspired by a month long residency at SIM in Iceland. Her immersive experience in the raw landscapes inspired Ward to recreate the grandeur of nature and Iceland’s dynamic skies. Using imagery that began as a response to her surroundings, her watercolour studies capture an emotive experience to the ever changing light on the winter landscape. Emotive Landscapes is on display at the Corridor Gallery until October 30.

Kate Ward, Emotive Landscape 1, watercolour, 23 x 62 cm, 2017.
Image courtesy of artist.

Of the exhibition, Ward states:
Using minimalistic lines of colour, I worked with the unpredictable fluidity of watercolours, where the paper captures marks of time as the watercolour pigment ebbs and flows across the page recording the fluidity of space and time […] reminiscent of the grand skies of Iceland. Another component of the exhibition contains objects that manipulate the physical materiality of Iceland — fleece combined with rusty wire captures the contrasts of the landscape: black and white, soft and hard, life and death.

Kate Ward is a multi-media artist and educator whose research driven practice investigates the relationship between art, ritual spaces and cultural meaning. Her practice engages with issues of public space and social engagement in contemporary cultures, drawing references from the geolithic, neolithic, through to modern neuroscience technologies.

Ward creates ephemeral, transitory experiences and spaces in which her audience is invited to engage with, and contemplate. The artist is concerned with creating modes of exchange, questioning value by facilitating moments in which the audience must negotiate between symbolic objects when removed from familiar contexts.

Kate Ward is the recipient of numerous international scholarships, residencies and exchange programs. Her work has been selected for national and international exhibitions and awards and she is represented in national and international collections.

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See more of Kate Ward’s work on her website: kateward.com.au and follow her on Instagram: @kateward_design.

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