Making your Mark at the Fraser

Making Your Mark: Monoprint Markmaking on Fabric

In this workshop we will develop a personal markmaking vocabulary we can use to create design and pattern on fabric. We will make several fun explorations on paper then apply these ideas to our fabric, re- working the designs to create complex compositions of lines, marks and colour.

(Bonus: practice papers will become artist books!)

Please bring if possible:
3 or 4 Q-tips, old credit card, comb, ballpoint pen, 1 fine tip and 1
thicker tip black marker, skewer or chopstick, small paint roller (3″)

(available at Cdn Tire or paint stores), small pieces of solid pale
coloured fabric approx 6 -8 in., scissors.

Materials supplied:
Paints, ink, drawing paper, white cotton blend fabric, threads,

acrylic sheet to paint on, brushes, scrapers and other markmaking tools.

Pat Loucks

Saturday, October 13

10:00-12:00 1:00-5:00


Fraser Cultural Centre

Call 902 657 3285 to register any day

11:00-4:00 by September 27

Make payment at the Fraser or with e-transfer to



Northumberland Arts Council/The Fraser

362 Main St

Tatamagouche, NS

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