We invite you to attend our “Selling, For Artists” Seminar

Dear Craig Gallery Friends,


I’d like to extend the invitation to our greater Arts and Galleries Community to attend our upcoming complimentary seminar on selling, for artists. This will be helpful for many of us to have some new and innovative insights on broaching conversations to potential art collectors whether they are novice buyers or seasoned collectors. It’s also a great opportunity for those of us in need of a unique perspective on selling ourselves as artists.


 We are honoured to have Wendy Vrooman, a partner in the renowned Sandler Training, here at the Alderney Landing Theatre to creatively shed some light on the puzzling art of selling art!


Here’s a little about the event on Thursday, September 13th, 6-8pm in the Alderney Landing Theatre. This is a free event, please rsvp to lee@alderneylanding.com if you’d like to reserve a seat. Seats are limited and reservations are rolling in! So please let me know if you will be attending.


“Please join us Thursday, September 13th, to be our guest at our first Interactive Seminar for artists on How to Sell Your Work. This Seminar will be led by the phenomenal Wendy Vrooman of Sandler Training, an expert in selling and how to talk to potential buyers. You will learn an entirely different way to look at selling and a way to embrace pairing a potential buyer with work that they really love.

This is not only for artists, but for Gallery owners, employees and anyone interested in a new perspective on how to sell art, how to sell themselves, or interested in looking at sales from a new, innovative point of view. We invite everyone interested in finding a better way to to connect with a potential customer and successfully fulfill their needs. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity. Come be our guest. Courtesy of Alderney Landing and Wendy Vrooman of Sandler Training to which we extend our gratitude.”

With thanks,

Lee Cripps, The Craig Gallery & Alderney Landing Cultural Community Centre                                            2 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth, 902-461-4698