Exhibits Opening at The Craig Gallery September 12th

Please have a look at the upcoming Exhibits opening next week at The Craig Gallery, and an exciting Interactive Seminar on innovative selling for artists coming up on September 13th. Scroll down for more details!


We are pleased to invite you on Wednesday, September 12, 5-7pm for the Opening of TWO new shows we’re really looking forward to,Scratch and Sniff Menu by Emily Lawrence in our Main Gallery and You, Me, Them… Us, by Barbara Schmeisser in our Craig Case Galleries.

These two shows each individually broach their topics using a unique avenue of expression. We are truly excited about both exhibits and do hope to see you at the opening.

The Craig Gallery

Scratch & Sniff Menu, by Emily Lawrence, In The Craig Main Gallery, Opening September 12, 5-7pm

Scratch & Sniff Menu is a translation of the food related memories generously shared during interviews by people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The foods recalled during these interviews were recreated, photographed, and printed using scratch and sniff technology as a means to explore the power of olfactory promoting as a means of memory retrieval.

About Emily Lawrence
Emily Lawrence is an interdisciplinary artist and facilitator based in Dartmouth, NS. Emily is a graduate of NSCAD University, and is currently the artist in residence at the Macphee Centre for Creative Learning. Much like Jell-O, Lawrence’s work is playful and bright with jiggly elusive boundaries. She uses humour, food, and the five senses as tools for seduction and as conduits to the underlying cultural curiosities that fuel her work. Immersive environments, cleverness, playful design, and obsessive material investigation are the ingredients that keep her creatively full and satiated as an artist. Her practice spills out beyond what is commonly considered to be “the work,” slopping over the brim of any one medium and pooling into the des(s)erted nooks and crannies that surround it. With her interdisciplinary practice, she is like a chef with her fingers dipped lovingly into every pot, diligently tasting each digit for conceptual parallels and unexpected flavour pairings


You, Me, Them …Us

Barbara Schmeisser,

September 12- October 7th

Opening Wednesday, September 12, 5-7pm

The Craig Case Galleries

This body of work will be a continuation of a series begun in the summer of 2017. Three plants, the daisy, the red clover, and the marsh marigold were rendered in steel, memorializing familiar plants found in Denmark and Canada. All contribute to each countries’ cultural and natural landscapes and formed part of my work on exhibit in the Roerpost International art exchange exhibition. I am currently expanding the work to include additional steel plant portrayals relevant to the theme of people’s response to plants. be they iconic, common weed, native or transplant.

Artist Statement

As a sculptor working primarily in steel, I enjoy the physical hands-on experience that comes with altering this material to serve my purposes. I cut, forge, weld, and cold-work this hard but malleable material. My approach to sculpture reaffirms the traditional processes and the essential elements of the medium, and the textural and visual qualities of the material often highlight ironic contrasts for me. The distinctly modern cultural heritage of steel reflects the progress, power and resilience of the industrial age. These same associations can also provide a point of departure from traditional realism and enter the world of the visual metaphor. Altering the scale of an object is another way to challenge the viewer to ‘see’ or experience something other than the obvious. I very much adhere to the premise of “…art as the critical practice of playing with conventions”.

I work in a representational style and my sculptural pieces are often object-based and I sometimes add found objects to complete the composition of a work. The topics or themes addressed originate from popular culture, the natural environment, and family life, current and historic events. Some of my sculptural pieces are about memory, others are metaphorical, delineating life passages or illustrating cautionary tales.  Some have a strong decorative element as well as an ambiguous quality with meanings that resonate on more than one level. Artists, whose works have inspired my art practice, include Cal Lane, Elisabeth Brim, Alexander Calder, Giuseppe Penone and Claes Oldenburg.


Please put aside Thursday, September 13th, to be our guest at our first Interactive Seminar for artists on How to Sell Your Work. This Seminar will be led by the phenomenal Wendy Vrooman of Sandler Training, an expert in selling and how to talk to potential buyers. You will learn an entirely different way to look at selling and a way to embrace pairing a potential buyer with work that they really love.

This is not only for artists, but for anyone interested in how to sell art, how to sell themselves, or interested in looking at sales from a new, innovative perspective. We invite everyone interested in finding a better way to to connect with a potential customer. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity. Come be our guest. Courtesy of Alderney Landing and Wendy Vrooman of Sandler Training.

This is a free seminar but an rsvp is required to lee@alderneylanding.com. Watch for more info soon!


The Craig Gallery, Alderney Landing, 2 Ochterloney Street, , Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2Y 3Z3, CA