Call for Submissions Fraser Art Gallery

The Northumberland Arts Council is pleased to invite submissions of art for the 4th annual Tatamagouche Festival of Soil, Soul and Society.

The Theme of the show is ‘Grounded’.

Does your art ground you? How?
Does it connect you to the earth/nature? (soil)
Does your art help you to feel centred, balanced, whole? (soul)
Does it give you a sense of harmony and connect you to others? (society)

Opening night is Friday, August 17 at 7:00.

The show will be open daily until Tuesday, September 4.

Up to four pieces may be submitted. All mediums are welcome.

Submissions need to be sent by Friday, August 10 to Lyn Sutherland at

Forms are available at or from the Gallery coordinator – Lyn Sutherland.

Submissions must include inventory sheet, the signing page of the Artist Agreement, and photos (jpegs) of your work.

Art should be delivered to the Fraser Gallery at 362 Main Street, Tatamagouche on Thursday, August 16 at 10:00.