The Homecoming~ Paintings & Reflections by Janice Guinan

The Homecoming Show was inspired by the upcoming 40th anniversary reunion of the Cobequid Educational Centre Class of 1978 , being held at the Holiday Inn on July 28th. As I reflected on the years that have past, as an artist, I decided to have show that welcomed classmates back to Truro, Nova Scotia and Canada to mark this special occasion.

It was at CEC while part of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards program I started to paint as a hobby to earn my Gold award. It was in Grade 12 ,that I got my first two commissions by classmates, Nancy Bowers and Mike Denault. Nancy requested a Buck done in oils for her father and Mike requested a drawing of his award winning English Setter. Sadly, both of these classmates passed away soon after graduating from CEC. All so long ago but memories remain so precious of these very special people. Thoughts of Nancy, Mike and the 31 other classmates who have passed away influenced the show as did memories of those still with us. Time is precious.

There are 30 paintings in this show that are of our “home” and the rest are paintings I did for fellow classmates from photographs they submitted. I really wanted classmates to be part of the show. Commissioned paintings are personal, true one of a kind originals and often heritage pieces. Each of the commissioned paintings, is special to that individual classmate, gives them a visual voice and is unique to them. Next to each painting you can read about the meaning of each in the words of that classmate for which it was created.

There is a deep sense of pride and responsibility that comes with being a Nova Scotian. You want everyone to feel at home and welcomed and this is ingrained in us from birth. Hospitality and appreciation are values we cling to and aspire to fulfill.

For those who view this show, I just want to welcome you all Home and God’s blessing!~ Janice Guinan