“See like me…”

Ted Coldwell‘s new fine art photography,“See like me…”, is now open at Gallery Nineteen Nineteen. This is his second one-person show of 2018.

“My goal is to capture the inherent beauty of the world around us in its many and varied forms and present it for all to see. I love shapes, forms, patterns, textures and especially colour. I also love the details – small or large – that can be harder to see but are so fascinating when you do. “See like me…” is an invitation to look at the world through my lens and the lens of my camera.”

“See like me…” runs until August 10.

Gallery Nineteen Nineteen, 6025 Stanley Street, Halifax.

Gallery hours: Monday – Friday: 9 – 6p.m. / Saturday: 9 – 5 p.m.