James Middleton 5-Day Plein Air Painting Workshop

James Middleton 5-Day Plein Air Painting Workshop Holidays on the Beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia

Plein air painting is unlike any other painting experience. The environment engages the senses to focus on the essence of what’s before you.

If you are a beginning painter or a studio painter, you are in for a great experience!

Workshop Dates:

1) August 13 – August 17

2) September 10 – September 14

Cost per person: $675 Cdn + HST.

New: If you only want to join us for two or three days, I’ll do my best to accommodate you – let’s talk.

My workshops offer a good balance between friendly interchange and education. They will be a relaxed, yet informative experience for all participants.

You will learn how to see like an artist, what to look for and how to understand what you see – drawing as it applies to painting, the importance of values (more important than colour), edges, colour temperatures and more. I have developed a few exercises that will help you better understand the different aspects, by isolating them.

Subjects covered:

  • Various ways to start a painting.
  • Making quick field sketches to determine compositions.
  • Making preliminary value sketches to capture a strong design.
  • Sharpening your powers of observation.
  • Types of light and value planes.
  • Understanding cool and warm colours.
  • Simplifying detail for a more powerful statement.
  • Understanding edges (soft, hard and lost).
  • Creating atmospheric perspective and the illusion of distance.

Last year we painted in the colourful Town of Lunenburg, the Petite Riviere Vineyards, the LaHave Yacht Club, Blue Rocks fishing village, Green Bay, West Dublin Wharf, LaHave Island Wharf and from the front yard of my studio, overlooking the popular LaHave Bakery and the sailboats and lobster boats passing by.

Home location: 8 Fort Point Road, LaHave

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