Cloth of Time Opening: Thursday July 12, 6pm

Cloth of Time

Penny Berens & Judy Martin

Mary E. Black Gallery
1061 Marginal Rd. Suite 140, Halifax, NS
Opening: Thursday July 12, 6pm
On view: July 13 – August 26, 2018

Penny Berens & Judy Martin use the contemplative activity of hand stitch to respond to and communicate their observations of nature and personal experience. Over the last ten years, the two artists have been meeting annually in either Nova Scotia or Ontario and have realized that although they approach their creative work from different perspectives, they explore similar subjects.

In Daily Scratchings, Penny Berens recorded the seasonal changes that she experienced while walking in the rural area near Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Using hand stitched representational drawings and rows of abstract marks she documented the day that she had lived through. Penny’s visual and tactile witnessing of natural phenomena became a journal that holds four years of time.

Judy Martin’s sculptural textile, Not To Know But To Go On, addresses her own mortality, the connection of past and future, and the relentless rhythm of time itself. An accumulation of fabrics are couched onto canvas with one entire skein of cotton floss each day. Inspired by the Finnish rugs of her heritage, Martin sews time past to a future she does not know yet.

There are many things about their stitch practice that are uplifting, healing and spiritual. In both of the journals, for example, rhythmic changes of the cosmos and cycles of the seasons are translated into expressive marks made slowly day by day. The senses of touch and of time embedded in such handwork are communicated on a deep level with others. Poetic memories, humorous observations, emotional connections, and the healing that comes through creating something by hand all roll out in these chronographs of life itself.

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Susan Charles
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