The Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre

The Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre

Creamery Square, Tatamagouche.
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2018 Season – At The Grace
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We are working on our 2018 performance series, part of which you will find in this monthly newsletter.
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June 1 – Alan Syliboy art exhibit – through July
July 1 – Canada Day outdoor concert
July 7 – Alycia Putnam and Family
August 3 – Sept 16 Jane Grady art exhibition
August 10 – Tony Quinn, Bill Plaskett
August 19 – Sean McCann – TATAFEST
August 23 – Unforeseen – TATAFEST
August 24 – Kitchen Party, Keith Mullins – TATAFEST
August 25 – Bard By The Bay – TATAFEST
August 26 – Bard By The Bay – TATAFEST
September 13, 14, 15, 16 – Film Festival
September 22 – Chris Gilroy
September 29 – Tomas Kubinek, The Miracle Man
October 13 – Jimmie The Janitor
November –Holiday local talent showcase
December 12 – Bette MacDonald, ‘Tis the season.
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ART |Alan Syliboy – Art Exhibition

Through June – July

Alan Syliboy is an established Mi’ kmaq artist. His work is influenced by the indigenous Mi’kmaq rock drawing and quill weaving traditions. Working in acrylic and mixed media, Alan creates vibrantly coloured images exploring the themes of family, searching and spirituality. The exhibition will be featured through June and July, with the opening scheduled for Friday, June 1 at 7:00 pm.

FAMILY| Canada Day at Creamery Square

MUSIC | $15
Alycia Putnam and Family

Saturday, July 7, 7:30pm.

This is one talented young musician. Please share this with your friends.

Since being inspired at the age of nine when she saw Natalie MacMaster in concert, Alycia Putnam has been working on her fiddle chops and a deep repertoire of foot-stompin’ tunes. The result of this dedication has been three solo albums and thousands of live performances spanning the globe from Pictou to Amsterdam, and back to Pictou.

Alycia’s most recent album, the much anticipated Wired for Sound, includes 13 tracks of traditional to more eclectic fiddle music and the immense talent of 10 of the province’s most well-known musicians.

Since her performing career took off in the late 90’s, Alycia has amassed a network of artists she regularly adds to her live performances depending on what’s needed for the gig. Her core family band (her dad, Robert, on guitar and her mom, Kelly, on bagpipes) can be expanded to feature percussion, bass, vocals, banjo, mandolin, and a suite of other sounds depending on who’s footing the bill. Regardless of the band’s composition, this live show has something for everyone and is a must-see for anybody who loves Cape-Breton-style fiddle music played by a mainlander.
Tickets only $15

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MUSIC | Open Mic Night

Thursday, July 12, 2018
7:30 – 9:30 pm

  • Come play on the big stage. Bring your friends. Free admission. Donations welcome. Bar available.


FILM | Albatros – The Film

  • Friday, July 13, 7:30 pm
  • Free Admission – Donations at the door – Thank You.

On a tiny island in the heart of the Pacific, a love story is unfolding. This film is an incredible, life-changing, and timely public artwork created by Chris Jordan.

It is a love story… a brilliant and poignant look at both the pain in our world and the love that tugs at us to do something.

I want people to watch this film and feel sadness and rage and realise that comes from a place of love. Don’t pull the plug out of the bathtub just yet; don’t let all that raw emotion drain away. Once you feel love, you can be more courageous and make more radical choices.”- Chris Jordan

At the express request of Chris Jordan, there is no charge for attendance.

The journey of ALBATROSS began in 2008, as a collaboration with activist/photographer Manuel Maqueda. Studying the newly-emerging issue of ocean plastic pollution, we learned of a stunning environmental tragedy taking place on a tiny atoll in the center of the vast North Pacific Ocean. We immediately began planning an expedition there, and on our first trip to Midway Island in September of 2009, we and our team photographed and filmed thousands of young albatrosses that lay dead on the ground, their stomachs filled with plastic. The experience was devastating, not only for what it meant for the suffering of the birds, but also for what it reflected back to us about the destructive power of our culture of mass consumption, and humanity’s damaged relationship with the living world.

ALBATROSS is being given to the world as a new-paradigm gift-economy offering. The main ways it will spread is by word of mouth, social media, and hosted screenings. You can personally amplify its message by sharing your feelings and experience of ALBATROSS through your networks. You can help its audience grow globally by sending it to your friends in other countries.

All incoming funds will be applied to help bring ALBATROSS further out into the world. We invite you to join in whatever ways inspire you, to carry the transformational story of our beloved birds to awakening hearts everywhere.

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ART | Jane Grady Art Exhibition Opening

  • Friday, August 3, 2018
  • 7:00 PM   8:00 PM

Until Sept 16, 2018

MUSIC | Tony Quinn and Bill Plaskett $20
Thursday, August 9, 2018
Two well known Nova Scotia musicians team up at The Grace for an evening of classic folk and traditional songs. Tony and Bill bring their shared love of the music, their guitars in complementary tunings, and their voices in unison and harmony.

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Sunday August 19, 2018 – Sunday, August 26, 2018

Celebrating Sun, Soil and Society, in the village of Tatamagouche, TATAFEST is in its. year, bringing people together with events for all ages.The 2018 version will give you a chance to take part in lots of entertainment. You are invited to purchase a TATAFEST VIP Ticket Package which allows you access to the following events and venues for only $70:

Sunday, August 19:
Sean McCann (of Great Big Sea) in concert at The Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre

Thursday, August 23:
Unforeseen. A cover band featuring the remarkable blind pianist Shelby Murray at The Grace.

Friday, August 24:
A Kitchen Party hosted by Keith Mullins and also featuring Christina Martin, Meaghan Smith, Dale Murray and Jason Mingo.