Artists in Harmony

Artists in Harmony is a community-support project in Truro NS involving Mingo Music Sales, the Marigold Cultural Centre, and various local artists and businesses. Unique pieces of musical art have been created to be auctioned off to raise money for various local charities and non-profit organizations.

Listed below is where each instrument will be placed and displayed from July 9th to 22nd at which time the online auction will take place.

Please share the event page as much as possible to encourage bidding.

The more participants we have, the more that local non-profits will benefit from the upcoming auction.

We have some very unique pieces and we hope to help all these local charities!

On July 23rd and 24th the instruments will be picked up and brought back to the Marigold Centre with a “closing reception” being held on July 25th from 6 – 7:30pm. The successful bidder can pick up their instrument at the end of the evening.


Artist Instrument Charity Location

Eric Brydges Michigan Banjo Maggies Grant Thornton

Janice Brydges Wood Chanter Food Bank SunSpun

Janice Guinan Ida Banjo Homeless Society Novel Tea

Jen Power Lark Uke Hospice Healthy Market

Jen Power Suzuki Fiddle CNWR Emporium

Marilyn Whalen JCD Uke CMHA Fraser’s Pastry

Marilyn Whalen Pan Acoustic CMHA Great British Grub

Sylvia Estey Tara Uke Maggies Inglis Jewellers

Kaitlin Murphy 4/4 Cremona CNWR Supplement King

Kate Ward Supertone Mandolin Marigold Marigold

Kate Ward Student ½ Corelli Fiddle (Robin) CNWRC Failsafe

Kate Ward Student 4/4 Lark Fiddle (Starry) Scotia Pool Clay Cafe

Kate Ward Student 4/4 Lark Fiddle (Horses) SPCA Hub Cycle

Diane Redden Conn T’Bone SPCA Mingo Music

Dennis Hare Harmony Archtop SPCA FYI Doctors

Heather Clarke Aria 12-String Scotia Pool Red Knot Bakery

Sarah Matthews Pan Acoustic Homeless Society Jean’s Flowers

Candace Campbell Citation Acoustic Slate Take It Outside

Laura Murphy Olympia Acoustic Boys & Girls Club Above & Beyond

Luke White Hondo Acoustic Slate Dropwise

Jackie Waugh Stagg 12-String CMHA Beck & Boosh


Lori Holman

Business Development Manager

Marigold Cultural Centre



Media coverage:

Thanks to Dan MacIntosh and CTV for spotlighting this project.