Lynn Rotin DEMYSTIFYING ENCAUSTIC at Art Lab Studios

LYNN ROTIN is one of the most exciting visual artists in Nova Scotia today. She is daring in her approach and brilliant in the creation of abstract work that blazes with colour and leaps of the canvas with intense vitality. Her work in ENCAUSTIC PAINTING, also known as HOT WAX PAINTING, has gained her a reputation as an artist who dares to explore and she is also known for being a wonderful teacher whose passion, expertise and people-friendly approach makes her students feel right at home. If you want to immerse yourself in a truly unique creative experience, there’s a Lynn Rotin class in DEMYSTIFYING ENCAUSTIC coming up at Art Lab Studios in Parrsboro July 14-15. Four spots left. Sign up now. In Lynn’s own words, she’s “coming at the canvas straight from the gut”.

This is one experience you really shouldn’t miss!

Art Lab Studios is located at 121 Main St., Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

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