Golden Artist Colors workshops at Tidnish Bridge Art Gallery

Don’t miss the Golden Artist Colors workshops at

TIDNISH BRIDGE ART GALLERY in Cumberland County, N.S.! 

Details below.

3 exciting workshops and a free demo session led by Andrea Warren, Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors, from Ottawa.

All materials will be included with free samples for participants.

Call 902-667-8555, email tidnishbridgeartgallery@gmail.comor drop in to register at the Gallery, 3654 Hwy 366, Tidnish Bridge, N.S.

FREE DEMO with free samples. Thursday, July 12, from 6 – 8 pm

EXPERIMENTAL WATERCOLOURS. Friday, July 13 from 10 am to 5 pm. $105. Discover Golden’s newest paint line & try out these rich, highly pigmented paints. Learn about 6 colors that form the basis for a diverse color palette. Play with the new mediums, and discover how to use them to improve wetting and flow, increase lift-ability and transparency, and enhance saturation. Try out the new watercolor grounds that allow you to take your watercolors off paper, and instead work on substrates such as canvas and wooden panels, with unique and textured surfaces – plus how to protect your pieces after painting. Lastly, learn ways of printmaking with watercolors, and ways of using watercolors and acrylics in unique combinations, for a variety of effects. All materials included, including product literature folders and samples to take home.

COLOUR CONFIDENCE. Saturday, July 14 from 10 am to 5 pm. $105. Wasting time & paint trying to mix that perfect color? This will give you a solid foundation in color that goes beyond theory into pigment reality. Through a series of fun, experimental exercises, learn about mineral & modern pigments, get a solid handle on mixing a huge variety of hues with just a few colors, learn the difference between all the white & black colors, explore the gorgeous Iridescent and Interference line, & more. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, this workshop will leave you color confident. All materials included, including a product literature folder with handpainted color chart, mixing guides and a sample set of Golden colors to start you at home.

ACRYLIC MEDIUMS 101. Sunday, July 15 from 10 am to 5 pm. $90. Confused by the vast array of acrylic mediums & how to use them to get the look you want? This will show you what all these acrylic mediums can do for you. Try out Golden’s huge line of gels & mediums, & learn how to use them to create texture, make luminous color, change your paint’s sheen/viscosity & extend your paints to save money. Explore an array of molding pastes and grounds & learn how to use them to create textured, unique painting surfaces & surfaces suitable for mixed media. All materials included – including a product literature folder, handpainted color chart & samples to take home.