Coming Up at Main & Station

31 May at 7:30pm
Jenny Mitchell’s .
will be performing in Parrsboro

ALSO Coming Up…
• Life Drawing ~ Saturday mornings
• WILD PAPER exhibition, 3 – 30 June
• Paper Sculpture with Carlos Gomez, 9 & 10 June
• Richard Dittami performs, 14 July, 4pm
• Écrire l’arrimage / Fantastic Ekphrastic, 14 & 18 July
• TRASHATHON 2018, 21 – 30 September – Call for submissions
• PÉPINIÈRES D’HUMANITE, Sandrine de Borman exhibition
• FEAL – 21 December – 2 January – Call for submissions
• Residencies, workshops, poetry, performance, et cetera

For more information about this & what else is coming up, see below.

“Bird City” is the banjo/tenor guitar project of Jenny Mitchell, a Guelph-Ontario based songwriter who commonly performs as Jenny Omnichord.
“As a beloved fixture of the music community in and around Guelph, Ontario, Jenny Mitchell has been a member of the Barmitzvah Brothers, the Burning Hell, Richard Laviolette and the Oil Spills, as well as performing under her solo alter ego Jenny Omnichord. Bird City is in many ways an evolution of the last concept, with Mitchell trading her Omnichord for the banjo and tenor guitar. Focusing on these instruments finally allowed Mitchell’s songwriting talents to fully blossom, and the exposed and poetic songs of paranoia, heartbreak and self-examination on Winnowing, the debut Bird City album, encapsulate the last 15 years of Mitchell’s life.”

This is Bird City’s debut in Parrsboro and they are excited to team up if Main & Station for a magical evening.

PWYC. Hope to see you there.



3- 30 June / 3 à 30 juin ~ Wild Paper: On The Beach ~
An exhibition of wild paper sculpture & The Wild Paper Pickers of the Minas Basin, a documentary installation.
Une exposition de papier sauvage & Les cueilleurs de papier sauvage du bassin des Mines, une installation documentaire.

21-30 September / 21-30 septembre ~ Trashorama ~

20- 28 October / 20 à 28 octobre ~ Pépinières d’humanité ~ an exhibition by Sandrine de Borman

21 December – 2 January / 21 décembre – 2 janvier ~ FEAL ~


Fantastic Ekphrastic, the Poet in the Art Gallery, a writing workshop with Diane Jutras.
Saturday, 14 July , 6pm – 9pm & Wednesday, 18 July, 2pm – 5pm
Many famous and not famous poems and other literature have been inspired by or contain descriptions of visual works of art. This type of writing is called ekphrasis* or ekphrastic writing.
On 14 July and 18 July, 2018 Diane Jutras, winner of the 2016 Nonesuch Art Of Paper Griffintown Award for best work by an artist residing on the Island of Montreal, will be offering a free ekphrastic writing workshop. Come to one or come to both. A selection of Jutras’ visual art will be on display and participants will use these as inspiration for their writing.
From a series of workshops in 2018 Jutras’ plans to publish a catalogue of the artworks alongside a selection of the poems they inspired. The book will be launched at a Poetry & Music Soirée scheduled for September 2019 at Parc Lafontaine Gallery in Montreal.

* The term ekphrasis refers to a poem created by a poet looking at a painting. It comes from the Greek ekphrasis, meaning description from ἐκ ek (out) and φράσις phrásis (speak) and the verb ἐκφράζειν ekphrázein (to point out or call an inanimate object by name).

Écrire l’arrimage, un atelier d’écriture avec Diane Jutras.

Samedi le 14 juillet de 18h à 21h & mercredi le 18 juillet de 14h à 17h

De nombreux poèmes célèbres ou non et d’autres littératures ont été inspirés par ou contiennent des descriptions d’œuvres d’art visuelles. Ce type d’écriture est appelé ekphrasis ou écriture ekphrastique.

Le 14 juillet et le 18 juillet 2018, Diane Jutras, lauréate du prix Nonesuch Art Of Paper Griffintown 2016 pour le meilleur travail d’une artiste résidant sur l’île de Montréal, offrira un atelier d’écriture ekphrastique (gratuit / par donation).

Venez à l’un ou aux deux ateliers. Diane Jutras y présentera ses eaux-fortes, images qui serviront de déclencheur au processus d’écriture poétique pour les participants.

Jutras a l’intention de publier un recueil de ses oeuvres visuelles ainsi qu’une sélection de poèmes anglais ou français qui sera lancé lors d’une expo et soirée de poésie-musique prévue pour septembre 2019 à la galerie du Parc Lafontaine à Montréal.


Call for proposals and submissions from artists, environmentalists, and scientists …

Demande des propositions et soumissions d’artistes, d’environnementalistes et de scientifiques…

FEAL: Festival of Erotic Arts & Literature.
December 21 – January 2



FEAL: Festival de littérature et des arts érotiques Le 21 décembre 2018 au 2 janvier 2019

Talkers Wanted!

Main & Station Nonesuch Kickshaws is organizing a series of informal discussions and presentations. The aim of this series is twofold: to provide opportunities for people to share their knowledge, experiences, ideas, and passions as well as to have good conversations with interesting people.
The talks will be scheduled between 1 June and 31 December 2018 at various days and times depending upon the availability of the speakers and the space.
Talks can be any length but we recommend something that is anywhere from 20 – 45 minutes followed by a period for questions & discussion.
The topic can be anything about which you feel conversant or are passionate. It should be something you enjoy sharing about and discussing with others. The most important aspect of these talks is to get us having conversations in person instead of only digitally through laptops, telephones, and other devices.
That said, digital assistance is okay where it adds to or facilitates the conversation but please do not prepare a primarily text-based presentation. Some scheduled speakers will talk without any visual aids while others will bring objects to show and yet others will use a slide show, video, or other media to support their talk. We do have both digital projector and traditional slide projectors available. Please let us know when we are confirming your talk if you will require any of these so we can ensure the correct technical support will be available.
If you are interested, please contact us with your topic or topics and some possible dates that work for you
To see the 2015 schedule of talks, see here &


▪ Judith Appleton, April 2018
▪ Sarah Beth Goncarova, May – June 2018
▪ Ian Ferrier, June 2018
▪ Diane Jutras, July 2018
▪ Abdulkerim Bozan, July 2018
▪ Louise Campbell, July 2018
▪ Ian Ferrier, July 2018
▪ James Robinson, July 2018
▪ Mark Andrews, August 2018
▪ Erin Cross, August 2018
▪ Emily Jan, August 2018
▪ Chloé Beaulac, September 2018
▪ Sandrine de Borman, October 2018
et cetera


The Nonesuch Café is a small coffeehouse and eatery located in the picturesque seaside town of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada. The café is on the ground floor of Main & Station along with a secondhand bookshop and myriad kickshaws, and art objects. The upper levels of the building offer accommodation and workspace for Nonesuch artist’s in residence as well as workshop, performance, and exhibition space in the Secondfloor Gallery.

The café specializes in mushrooms, sea vegetables, and an international vegetarian cuisine.

We are mostly OPEN BY CHANCE: if you see the sign outside, the door open, and the lights on, please don’t be shy to come right in to see what we have on offer & to check out the new stock of secondhand books and art.

If you would like to be certain we are open before coming by, the Café will have the following Scheduled Hours beginning 6 JUNE 2018:

Wednesday 12 – 6pm
Thursday 12 – 6pm
Saturday 10 – 6pm

If you would like to be kept informed when we are open, about special events, and what our specials are, Follow Us on Facebook…


Le Café Nonesuch est un petit café-resto situé dans la pittoresque ville balnéaire de Parrsboro, en Nouvelle-Écosse. Le café se trouve au rez-de-chaussée du Main & Station avec une librairie d’occasion et une myriade de kickshaws, ainsi que des objets d’art. Les niveaux supérieurs du bâtiment offrent un hébergement et un espace de travail pour la résidence des artistes Nonesuch, ainsi qu’un atelier et un espace d’exposition dans la galerie Secondfloor.
Nous nous spécialisons dans les champignons, les légumes de mer et une cuisine végétarienne internationale.

Nous sommes surtout ouverts PAR HASARD: si vous voyez l’enseigne à l’extérieur, la porte ouverte, et les lumières allumées, svp entrez pour voir ce que nous avons à offrir et pour consulter le nouveau stock de livres d’occasion et art.

Si vous devez être certain que nous sommes ouverts avant de venir, le Café aura les heures programmées suivantes à partir du 6 juin 2018:

Mercredi – 12h à 18h
Jeudi – 12h à 18h
Samedi – 10h à 18h

Si vous souhaitez être tenu informé lorsque nous sommes ouverts, sur les événements spéciaux, et ce que nos avons comme spéciaux du jour, Suivez-nous sur Facebook …

Vous voulez aider ou contribuer?

Il se passe toujours quelque chose et nous avons beaucoup à faire pour nettoyer et garder ces beaux bâtiments en forme.

Want to help or contribute?

We have lots going on and lots to do to clean up and keep these beautiful buildings in shape.

Contactez-nous si vous êtes intéressés à faire un don et / ou faire du bénévolat pour ce projet ou d’autres projets, y compris des jardins, des promotions, des événements, des séances de galeries, etc.

Contact us if you would like to make a donation and / or volunteer to help with this or other projects including gardens, promotions, events, gallery sitting, et cetera

Would you like to apply for a residency, teach or attend a workshop?
To find out more about what we do, and to participate, come see us, call us, email us, and look over our website.

Aimeriez-vous postuler pour une résidence, enseigner ou assister à un atelier?

Pour en savoir plus sur ce que nous faisons et pour participer, venez nous voir, appelez-nous, envoyez-nous un courriel, et consultez notre site Web.

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