New Workshop listings at Argyle Fine Art

ART TALK, Argyle Fine Art, May 30th, 6:30-8pm.


Also, have posted our workshops and a link to the page for all the info below too!

We wanted to make sure that you all heard about our exciting line-up of workshops happening in June, July and August. NOT on the listing but soon to be added, will be another drawing workshop with Abigail Lower (hopefully at Hope for Wildlife – in August) , a sketching workshop of the Halifax Seaport market and brewery nearby with Jan Davision and a drawing trip to a sacred space with Craig Baltzer. DATES FOR THESE WILL BE POSTED SOON!  Call us at 902-425-9456 to book your space. Please forward this to others you think will be interested!

****But to find out about the exciting workshops (many happening in cool off-site places!!) click here and contact us to register soon!: ******

At a glance though…

AT THE BAKERY:June 13th- Caitlin McGuire at The Old Apothecary…and yes, treats from the bakery are included! yum!

AT THE GARDENS: June 27th- Melissa Townsend (this workshop will be different from the last one and take place at the Public Gardens

AT THE DINER: July 15th- Allison Irish….also known for her funny cards with the business name “Punchline Drawing” learn to doodle with narratives WHILE at the Bluenose II Restaurant. Registration fee includes a small fry per student.

AT THE GALLERY:July 24th- Gordon MacDonald will speak about his current show and the theme of Depiction vs Expression. A demo painting will be included.

MAKING YOUR HOME or COTTAGE:July 25th- Kris Webster is a folky-like artist who loves miniatures. Paint your house, cottage or condo her!  Whimsical fun!

AT THE PARK-Plein Air painting of trees on a Slice of a Tree: August 12th- Mark Brennan returns to Point Pleasant Park for another hike in warmer weather (last workshop was in the winter) Learn about summer growth, and then paint plein-air in the park ON a slice of a tree too!

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