Finding Depth: New Paintings by Kimberley Eddy opens on Friday, May 11th

Finding Depth: New Paintings by Kimberley Eddy

Friday, May 11

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Argyle Fine Art

1559 Barrington Street,

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Join Argyle Fine Art and artist Kimberley Eddy in celebration of her second solo show at our gallery. We are very excited to show you what Kim has been working on for the last year in preparation for the show. The show opens on Friday, May 11th but continues until June 2nd. Full show goes online night of the show too at :

This year you’ll find Kim has dived deeper into her medium and subjects, taking us along for the journey. She is constantly inspired by the oceans from around the world. You’ll find the Atlantic Ocean is a great influence this year, with it’s darker pools but her Bermudian ties are still on display too, with the lighter sands and turquoise water of warmer environments.

Kim speaks about her latest works in her own words with help from Van Morrison:

Why do I paint the ocean? I was asking the question repeatedly.

The answer came to me out of the blue, while painting deep water. It felt familiar. As though I knew it all along, and had only forgotten it for a while.

The answer is this: The process of painting ocean makes me joyful and calm. Centered. Like meditation. Like therapy. Making art for art sake is the purpose. It is deep, yet so simple.

“Smell the sea and feel the sky,
let your soul and spirit fly,
into the mystic” – Van Morrison