ART LAB Studios & Gallery ~ Season Opening: May 12

Year 5 !
Season Opening
Saturday – May 12 – 4PM
Art Lab Studios & Gallery
121 Main Street
Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

New and Current Work by the Resident Artists
Michael Fuller, Krista Wells, Krista Levy-Odlin
Jill Langford and Janet Doble

New Gallery Exhibition
with Member Artists
Geneva Bennett and Lise Leblanc

Lise Leblanc
How do I celebrate 60 years of life? I started with the idea of a 60 day solo trip, my first to reflect on my life so far, knowing that the road ahead would be shorter than the one behind. I needed a challenge so I committed to ‘showing up’ to a blank canvas each day and exploring the creative process while remaining unattached to any outcome.

Geneva Bennett
I want to pay tribute to and celebrate the simple beauty in our community and in our everyday lives, homes with welcoming doors and inviting gardens that are lovingly tended to, birches and bushes in backyards where birds make their homes, familiar views of shady paths or time worn buildings of yester year .

Join your friends – Bring friends
Spread the word !
There will be goodies to sample, drinks to quench your thirst and maybe even some live jazz to set the scene.

2018 Membership

Art Lab Studios & Gallery

Well folks it’s that time of year when we extend our invitation to be a part of the Art Lab world which is a key part of the ascendance of Parrsboro as a major player in the art world of our province.
Membership has its benefits.
As an artist you have the opportunity to exhibit your work in the Community Gallery.
As an artist you can enjoy working in the Art Lab classroom when scheduling permits
As a supporter you get first dibs at registering for courses that we offer. This year we’re offering nine courses and we expect them all to sell out.
As a supporter you get special invitation to member only events.
Your membership helps in Art Lab’s ability to upgrade the teaching and exhibition facilities.
Your membership also allows us to help those unable to afford courses but who are so keen and deserving
And last but not least your membership will allow you a warm feeling of supporting the arts in your community.

And all of this for the King’s ransom of $40 for the year…

Drop by Art Lab any time and we’ll make sure you’re registered for this exciting year.. Our fifth if you can believe it.
Cheers and thanks for all your support.

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