Our volunteers makes a difference!

Our volunteers make a difference!
During National Volunteer Week we send a special thank you to our invaluable volunteers who tirelessly give their time, energy, and expertise to help fulfill our vision and mandate as the premier art destination of Nova Scotia.

Nearly 200 volunteers serve at our Halifax and Yarmouth branches. Visitors to the Gallery regularly encounter the individuals who provide essential public-facing services year-round, such as those leading our daily public tours and school tours, assisting in our educational studios, supporting our special events, and serving in front-of-house roles through the Gallery Shop and at Teichert Gallery. Many more support the Gallery’s work behind the scenes through their roles on our Board of Governors, committees, and in our administrative offices. Their invaluable contributions may go unseen by the public, but their impact is far-reaching and vital to the Gallery’s success.

On behalf of everyone at the Gallery, our gratitude is extended to all of our volunteers for their dedication and commitment. Their contributions make all the difference!

Nancy Noble
CEO & Director

Last week, Diane Swanzey, one of the Gallery’s longtime volunteers, received not one but two awards honouring her commitment and dedication to giving back to her communities through her volunteer work.

The  Provincial Volunteer Award ceremony was held on April 9th and presided over by Premier Stephen McNeil. The 2018 Halifax Volunteer Awards honoured municipal recipients in a ceremony on April 12th with awards given by Mayor Mike Savage.

For nearly 40 years, Diane has served as a volunteer and mentor with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s Docent program – the longest in the Gallery’s history. Through her exceptional work in this program, she has enlightened and enriched the lives of countless youth during her interactive and inspiring tours. Heartfelt congratulations to Diane for this prestigious recognition of her contributions. Read more


We’re currently seeking dedicated, enthusiastic, life-long learners to join our Volunteer Guide program and help us deliver our daily public tours.

Contact bess.forrestall@novascotia.ca for more information.

On December 4, 2017, the Gallery honoured Volunteers and Life Members at a special reception hosted by the Honourable Arthur J. Leblanc, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, and Patsy Leblanc at Government House.

Malcolm Fraser, Chair
Erik Sande, Vice Chair
Dee Appleby
Joline Comeau
Wendy Connors-Beckett
Francene Cosman
Irene d’Entremont
Patricia Donnelly
Floyd Dykeman
Sadira Jan
Bonnie Kirby
Stan Kutcher
Barb MacKinnon
Rod McCulloch
Patricia Pace
John Volcko

Adam Bata
Ann Cameron
Connie Darby
Tripta Devichand
Carol Dodds
Pamela Evans
Jim Ferguson
Austin Janega
Sara Kinley
Ian MacDougall
Sandra Murphy
Sue Rubin
Robbie Shaw
Barbara Smith
Charlotte Sutherland
Tania Tellez
Farhad Vladi
Marilyn Welland
Judy Wells

Margaret-Anne Bennett
Carol Buchanan
Darrell Campbell
Sarah Douglas
Theresa Clarke
Lidia Gajewska
Annette Henderson
Sara Kinley
Bonnie Kirby
Peggy Landes
Corinne Larkin
Gwen Laurence
Sharon Merwin
Shelley Mitchell
Catherine Nicol
Carolyn Oxner
Patricia Pace
Patricia Gonzalez Rivero
Elizabeth Ryan
Trish Scallion
Enid Shaw
Theresa Clarke
Ann Thorburn
Julie Walker
Charlotte Wood

Judy Ballah
Susan Bennett
Katharine Bowlby
Lynn Brimble
Patricia Donnelly
Heather Elms-Wood
Jim Ferguson
Cheryl Greenberg
Lydia Hunsberger
Joan Keith
Karen Ann Kelly
Karen Koppernaes
Denise Lanterman
Anna Latimer
Joanne McKeough
Linda Macintosh
Anne MacKay
Barbara McCurdy
Kay McNamara
Veronika Milne
Sandra Murphy
Perry Nodelman
Andrea Pottyondy
Donna Scotten
Carolyn Smith
Diane Swanzey

Ava Austin
Olivia Baker-Sullivan
Alex Barker
Meghan Bellstedt
Darcie Bernhardt
Katelynne Cagliostro
Evelyn Chan
Rebecca Chipman
Julia Crowell
Joan Curtis
Megan Cyr
Yousra Daher
Tripta Devichand
John Devlin
Janine Farmer
Kalani Fernando
Emily Flinn
Margaret Gallacher
Sarah Hames
Samantha Kieffer
Varvara Kuznetsova
Ilze Lucis
Andrea Ludovice
Jane Machum
Darlene MacInnis
Kaylie MacNeill
Sophie McCarthy
Peri McFarlane
Kaeli McCormick
Sarah Mosher
Aelyn Murphy
Yasmine Muthnna
Angie Reid
Kayleigh Sheehan
Olivia Singer
Brigid Trott
Bahar Tunc
Nina van Niekerk
Katharine Vingoe-Cram
Brittany Warren
David You
Nina Zhang


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