April at CFAT: Online bookings, houseplants and more!

Donate your Plants!

Our annual plant sale is coming up on May 12th and we’re looking for donations!  We want house plants, seeds, clippings, garden plants. You name it we’ll take it! We’re accepting your donations here at the office until May 10th.

We want to send some love to three of our favourite stores for supporting the sale. The Independent Mercantile will be dropping off some of their incredible house plants, Taproot Farms is donating leek and tomato seedlings, and Annapolis Seed has generously donated some seeds to get your garden started!

Media Art Scholarship Applications due Thursday June 7th at


You’ve been asking and we have answers! Applications for the 2018/19 Media Art Scholarship will be due on Thursday, June 7th at Midnight. Application forms will be released in early May. You can read more about the program here.

CFAT now has online booking!!!

We are so excited to launch our new online booking system Film Reel! You can use this system to book gear and facilities, log volunteer hours and check suite availability. Read more about Film Reel and how to use it here.

PluralEyes 4.1.4 software is now installed the Online and Audio Suites!


PluralEyes quickly and easily syncs video from multiple camera angles (when you have audio guide tracks), or dual-system audio to video (say you recorded your sound on a Zoom and your video on a 60D). Those “multiple camera angles” can be multiple takes, if those takes have roughly the same audio track (like a music video). This can save a lot of time. The synced timelines you make in PluralEyes can be exported to Premiere or Final Cut (even if you need to use versions of those programs we don’t have).