Raoul Manuel Schnell to Speak at Bridgewater Photo Club on April 24th at 7pm, MARC at 33 Leary Fraser Road

Raoul Manuel Schnell to Speak at Bridgewater Photo Club on April 24th at 7pm, MARC at 33 Leary Fraser Road

On Tuesday, April 24th from 7-10pm the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Raoul Manuel Schnell as their guest speaker for the evening.  The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May.  Meetings are held at the MARC at 33 Leary Fraser Road.  For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at Bridgewaterphotoclub.ca or email us at info@bridgewaterphotoclub.ca.  Non-members are welcome to the presentation for a small donation.  Information about weather related cancellations can be found on the club web site after 4pm on the date of the talk.

The world of the arts dominated Raoul Manuel Schnell’s life early, so it was no surprise that he attended the College of Art and Design in Lugano, Switzerland.  There, he found his calling when he set foot into a darkroom for the first time.


Raoul Manuel Schnell specialized in still life and ran a studio with extensive custom made lighting installations in order to perfectly effectuate the play of light and shadow in a picture. He photographed the most challenging objects but then, after more than 20 years spent in a black studio it was time for a fresh start.


In 2004 his career changed radically as he moved to Canada. Instead of fully resuming his work in advertisement he began to focus on the artistic side in photography. After being used to work in colour for so long, he now found beauty in black and white photography. He rediscovered his love for food as subject matter and found a new one: people. But some things never change. Raoul Manuel Schnell’s focus on light was and still is a central part of his images but now he abandoned the studio with its elaborate technologies and uses natural light whenever possible.  More of Raoul’s work can be seen on his web site at http://raoulmanuelschnell.com/


Raoul’s talk will focus on the creation of unique and memorable portraits.  He will discuss the use of black and white photography techniques and explain how to create a safe environment for subjects.  He will explore the use of position, facial expression, light and shadow to tell a story in a portrait.