Introducing Film Reel

Introducing Film Reel!

We are so excited to launch our new online booking system Film Reel!  You can use this system to book gear and facilities, log volunteer hours and check suite availability!

How do I access Film Reel?
You can find the link to login on the top bar of our website. Most members and users of CFAT already have an account. If you would like to create an account, give us a call at 902-422-6822. For your first time logging in, you will need to create a password by clicking “I forgot my password” and then entering in your username or email address. You will then be prompted by email to create a password and your account will be set up!

What can I do with Film Reel?
You can request gear of facilities from the ‘account’ button. This request will then be sent to Tom who will approve your booking and send you an email confirmation. You can also confirm your contact information, update your email address and log volunteer hours (which get you CFAT dollars!).
Where can I find instructions on how to do all this?!
On our website!

On our website!

Ahh I’m confused!
Fair enough – it confused us at first, too! You’re always welcome to book by calling us or emailing like you have been. If you’d like a lesson on how to book, all of the staff members are trained and can give you a tutorial during our open hours.

Happy Booking!

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