chef residency

Nonesuch Chefs’ Residencies
The Nonesuch Café is a small coffeehouse and eatery located in the picturesque seaside town of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada. The café is on the ground floor of Main & Station along with myriad used books, kickshaws, and art. The upper levels of the building offer accommodation space for Nonesuch artist’s in residence as well as workshop, exhibition, and performance space.
We specialize in mushrooms, sea vegetables, and an international vegetarian cuisine.
The Nonesuch Chefs vegetarian residency program offers chefs of all styles and experience the opportunity to try something different. This is for someone who seeks inspiration, a challenge, an opportunity, or maybe just a change of scene.
The inspiration is here.The challenge is to run a successful café eatery in a very small seaside town.The opportunity is what you make it into.
Applicants who are selected will be provided with personal accommodation, a furnished, heated, and powered kitchen and dining area.
Some Constraints:

The Nonesuch Café is ovolacto vegetarian and your project must conform to that.
We do not currently have a liquor license.

You decide:

The hours you want to be open… if you want to serve only breakfast or stay open from 11am until 2am it is fine but whatever you decide, you must consider the population and strive to find a niche that works.
The menu… you can serve a mix of vegetarian cuisine or specialize in a specific cuisine such as East Asian, Jamaican or Chilean. If you’ve always wanted to try making a Burrito Palace or a Tatie Shop, All Day Breakfasts or Strictly Soups… go for it. Comfort foods, haute cuisine, or in between, it is up to you

The more you prepare before arriving, the better. We recommend structuring your residency as follows:
a : Do your market research. Eat in local restaurants, visit the grocery story, see the sights. Create or modify your preliminary budget and plans.
b : Get to know your kitchen and set up. Make it yours!
c : Finalize your preliminary plans and budget. Create and test your menus.
d : The grand opening & the beginning of operations.
e : Normal operations.
Budget contributions and residency costs will be discussed and decided on a case by case basis. Successful residents may be offered an Esther Hageman Award for the Culinary Arts. All Nonesuch Awards and Fellowships are awarded post-residency. In the case of awards for the Chefs’ Residencies, if you decide you like Parrsboro, these may be applied toward start-up costs for your own establishment or toward extending your residency.
To apply for a Nonesuch Chef’s Residency, write us a letter about who you are and what you would like to achieve and email it to or mail it to Main & Station, PO Box 507, Nova Scotia, Canada, B0M 1S0.