“Summer” an exhibition by Erin Hollingshead is in the Corridor Gallery March 2 – 28, 2018

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Erin Hollingshead
March 2 – 28, 2018

(Halifax/ K’jipuktuk) Emerging artist Erin Hollingshead is back in the Corridor Gallery for another great exhibition of her colourful, large scale portraits. The series of realistic portraits of contemporary women is done with oils and acrylics, and sometimes other materials such as pastel, pencil and glitter. In this series, the theme of summer is explored with the figure as the focus and a touch of the fantastical added in. Summer is just what you want to see this time of year. Visit the Corridor Gallery before Summer ends on March 28.

Galactic, oil and acrylic on canvas, 91 x 61 cm, 2018.
Photo courtesy of artist.

Of the work, the Hollingshead explains:
Summer is a series of realistically painted portraits of women surrounded by summer. The figures are posed and their environment is built around them through collage and imaginative manipulation of reality. Flowers, the sun, birds, parties and stargazing are among the themes of the paintings. Summer offers a comfort and attitude that other seasons don’t offer. It’s my favourite season, and my favourite things about it are represented in this body of work. Each figure stands alone, wrapped up in its own little part of summer on the canvas.

Paradise, oil and acrylic on canvas, 61 x 72 cm, 2017.
Image courtesy of artist.

Erin Hollingshead is an Ontario-born artist that now lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has lived here for 3 years now – originally moving here to complete her BFA at NSCAD University. Her love of art and the landscape of this province has made this place her home. As an artist, she has always made the figure integral to her work. Capturing the human form accurately is a rewarding challenge that you can then juxtapose among anything you can imagine – giving the human form endless possibility.

For more of Erin Hollingshead’s work please visit her:
Website: erinhollingshead.com
Instagram: ehollingshead22
Facebook: Fine Art by Erin Hollingshead


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