Winter Art Training Special with Bill Inman

Sledding Hill Art Training Video

We only have a few more weeks of winter before the snow starts melting away into spring, which means this is the perfect time to capture the magnificent beauty of winter before it’s gone.

I’m wanting to make it as easy for you to get painting as possible, so I’ve discounted

this training video by almost 70%

Crank the heater up, grab your hot chocolate, and enjoy painting this beautiful winter scene with me. Our reference image is the actual hill my children and I go to for sledding every winter since moving to Indiana.

It’s also where an adventurous sledding enthusiast built a larger-than-it-looked jump that I thought I could handle with no problem – yes, I broke my tail bone – but, it sure was a fun day!

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Winter is so beautiful and clean with dazzling lights and shadows, and painting this scene was pure enjoyment for me.

During the voice over for the training video I describe the colors and mixtures I use to create the painting. The painting’s brushstrokes and techniques are much more critical in this piece than the color mixtures because the colors are fairly simple and there are fewer choices than in my typical landscapes.​

All of the Master Oil Painting art training videos are filmed in High Definition and expertly edited to create a fun and efficient way to learn.

Let’s get started!

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 Happy Painting, and have a wonderful time creating your own winter wonderland!

Bill Inman
Inman Fine arts