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Hello friends and family,

I started a YouTube channel called Scrapbooking Quebec and would appreciate your support. Below you will find a link to my first video in English. I also make videos in my second language, French. All you have to do is click on it and then press the SUBSCRIBE button. If you are a memory keeper, hopefully you will find this channel motivating and inspiring. If not, it’s a great way to keep tabs on me. You can laugh at my videos but please don’t press the thumbs down button!

For those of you unaware, I began scrapbooking in 2004, two weeks after Dad died. At that moment, “ordinary” became “extraordinary” to me. I returned to Quebec from my home in Nova Scotia with a fist full of photos and a head full of memories. That had to be recorded.

Since then, I’ve completed 65 albums of my own and made countless others for family and friends, I made them for people I never even met. I’ve organized over 100 workshops, taught twice as many classes, volunteered my services and appeared in Creative Scrapbooker Magazine a few times. My weirdest project involved guiding a group of people with Type 1 Diabetes in creating a scrapbook to document their struggles. Their goal was to sensitize the Quebec government for the need of province funded insulin pump therapy. The scrapbook ended up in the hands of then Quebec Minister of Health, Philippe Couillard, who is Premier of Quebec today. Prior to the workshop, I advised the group to “keep it real. No cute photos here. You have to tell it and show it like it is.” Participants showed up with photos and stories as per my recommendations. They also arrived with medical paraphernalia I had never seen before that day. It all went in the book, and not long after, the Quebec government began a pilot project.

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Dorothy Guinan