Windsor MAKERS

Attention All Artists & Artisans:

This is our initial delivery of information to you to make you aware of a new development in Windsor, NS. We have secured our site(s), and are presently undergoing significant renovations with the intent of opening our doors in April. We couldn’t be happier with the progress of this project. We released our website for general use last week. You can view this site at . I encourage you to review this site with all of the possible opportunities for you in mind, including:

  • We need instructors! Virtually no art genre is off the table. Some will be rolled out earlier than others based upon our renovation schedule. We want to hear from those of you who could offer to teach classes at MAKERS. This is a revenue source for artists. You identify the classes and we will find the students and you can teach (and keep the mess) at MAKERS!
  • We need supplies! Every conceivable supply will be used at MAKERS. Equipment, materials, and literally anything that can be used in a makerspace will be welcomed. Here is the time for you to help others by gathering up un- or under-used supplies so that they can benefit this space and all of the individuals we anticipate will frequent it for their personal growth.
  • We need members! Use MAKERS rather than building your studio. Use our equipment and support our efforts to deliver this incredible space to our community.
  • We need your art! We anticipate that our retail site will be a coveted location for your art and that you will find our consignment schedule very favorable. Like everything else, we are heavy into renovations in that area, but hope to see it come to life in the coming month. Please consider contacting us so we can discuss placing your art in our retail site.

MAKERS Art Market & Creation Space is an exciting new business opening in Windsor, NS. It is a non-profit social enterprise that will serve as a place of learning, sharing, gathering, buying, selling, creating, and, obviously making! We intend to evolve to the needs of artists and of our community. Our response to the initial release of our website has been overwhelming and we are realizing incredible volumes of responses by those wishing to assist in our growth. As exciting as this is for us, we hope to make it equally exciting for the fine artists of the Maritimes.

Again, visit our website at and/or our Facebook site at . We truly look forward to hearing from you!


Kathy Monroe 902.757.3138