Yarn Stash SALE!

Hey All! I have decided sell some of my yarn stash.

Details are bellow and in the album on my business page

Give It a Whorl Fibers

Contact me if you have any questions.


Email: giveitawhorlfiber@gmail.com

Yarn Stash SALE!

This fiber artist is going through her yarn stash!!!! And I have started to realize I have more yarn than I have time to knit it! I would love to find these treasures new homes. Prices are per group (I priced them at REALLY REALLY good deals more than 50% off what you would find them in stores) I would be up for negotiating a little.
I don’t mind breaking the groups up if there is something you love and don’t want it all. I just tried to group similar things together. If you want more details on yardage and such just let me know.
Pick up in Truro
Or Tatamagouche
I will ship stuff at your expense.

This is 100% cotton. SO soft and squishy. Full skeins 10$.


Hand spun wool It’s quite lovely. Great for a bulky hat. 15$


Okay this is one that is hard to part with. but I am hoping someone will fall in love. it is handspun mohair. If you are interested I can figure out the yardage. 35$ This is a STEAL!!!


Novelty yarn. Miscellaneous balls. They are full. The orange one alone is 17$ retail, but I am asking 25$ for the lot.


Feltng Yarn. This is all felting yarn. 16$ The two on the left are Gallaway. And the others are a Scandinavian felting yarn. The ones in skeins are the same kind as the black I just put them in skeins to dye them. Its all 100% wool and felts really well.


Okay this is a mosh posh haha. All natural fiber except for some nylon and such for strength. Some of it I dyed. There is laceweight alpaca in there as well. 20$ for the lot



 This is one of my own. 100% wool, I dyed a bunch for a custom order and this was left over. 5$