Linda Johns at STFX Art Gallery Opening Thursday, Jan 11th 7 pm

Everyone is invited to this very special Opening Celebration 
Thursday, Jan.11, 2018 at STFX Art Gallery in Bloomfield Centre

The StFX University Art Gallery, Bloomfield Centre, marks the beginning of 2018 with an exhibit of new work by Linda Johns entitled ‘Sky Will Breathe Me’, Poem Paintings on Paper and Canvas. Linda Johns has been a full-time artist, author and naturalist for over 45 years. She works and writes out of her rural home studio, “Wildewood” in James River, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia.

‘Sky Will Breathe Me’ is Johns’ first solo show in three years and was produced over the course of the last two winters. It consists of poetry and acrylic paintings on canvas and paper, as well as a selection of sculpture in whalebone, wood and stone.

Linda Johns is well known for her powerful metaphorical paintings grounded in images from the natural world, its creatures, cycles and energies. She is also an award winning writer who has authored 14 books. Her prose writing has been largely based on extensive nature notes and diary entries. She has produced several editioned books devoted to her poetry, also inspired by her love and concern for the environment.

In these new poem paintings, Johns’ environmental messages are amplified. One medium isn’t just an illustration of the other, nor does it necessarily explain the other. The words were not applied over the completed paintings. Visual decision-making regarding use of the space was an integrative dance between word and image, a process evolving simultaneously with emphasis on what would most enhance the ideas the artist wished to convey in both modalities. About the challenging direction of this combination of words and images, Johns writes: “Rather than ride two horses simultaneously, I needed to drive a team in harmony.”

There will be an Opening Celebration on Thursday, January 11 at 7:00 pm at the St.F.X. University Gallery with a guided discussion by Anne Simpson and the artist in attendance. The following Thursday, January 18 from 7 – 9pm, also at the St.F.X. Gallery, there will be an Interactive Dialogue and Workshop with Anne Simpson, Angus MacCaull and Linda Johns. The exhibit has been organized by Lyghtesome Gallery of Antigonish and will be on display until February 20, 2018.

‘Sky Will Breathe Me’ is dedicated to Mack Kohout.

Bloomfield Centre Gallery Hours are Tuesday – Friday 12 noon to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday 1-4 pm.

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