Leya Evelyn Art Sale Fundraiser Jan 13th

Leya Evelyn Abstract Art Fundraiser

As part of our ongoing Leya Evelyn Art Fundraiser, we will be holding a special reception with the artist this coming Saturday, January 13th from 2-5pm. Attendees will have the opportunity to view and purchase pieces from the special collection of oil paintings and silkscreen prints Leya donated to benefit GPI, as well as hear directly from the artist about the work, her process, and her support for GPI Atlantic and our GPI Youth program.

For more info about the Leya Evelyn Art Fundraiser and a chance to win a print, check out https://www.facebook.com/events/965822543582001/?active_tab=about

About us~
GPI Atlantic Youth offers transformative learning experiences where youth connect with communities and contribute their own values and vision. We work with teens and young adults as volunteers and global change-makers in Canada, Bhutan, and other countries. We hold leadership camps to overcome cultural barriers and give youth a conduit for creating positive change. GPI youth ambassadors are working in environmental protection, cultural exchange, and sustainable economics.
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About the artist~
Born in Washington, D.C. and educated at both Brown and Yale Universities in the United States, Leya Evelyn moved to Nova Scotia in the early 1980’s after having lived and worked for some time in New York City. Evelyn’s self-admitted intention of “making statements” with her work has given us paintings and prints that, while self-referentially recounting the very history of their making, declare themselves to be meaningful well beyond any attempt on our part to pigeonhole them. Evelyn’s art actively resists the construction of tidy little categorizations while simultaneously exploiting them. It’s a risky balancing act that has made for some powerful art.

We can also arrange viewings of the paintings by appointment — Please call Gwen at 902 489-7007.