15 minute Documentary NSI Online Film Festival

This 15 minute documentary is part of NSI Online Film Festival, based in Winnipeg.  This is the fifth showing for this documentary, which was completed in May of this year. You should be able to view it by clicking on the link below.  Take a peek!  It’s up until Sunday.

all the best during the holiday season and Happy New Year.
Suzanne Gauthier

Suzanne Gauthier: One Thing Leads to Another

 Filmmaker Ariella Pahlke weaves the life and work of Suzanne Gauthier into a poetic narrative that mirrors the artist’s own process, capturing the flux in her work and how it’s interrelated with her environment.

Intricately blending autobiography, landscape and culture, Gauthier navigates the marvellous and the ordinary, often infusing both with humour.