Correction for Bridgewater Photo Club

Arthur Marshall to Give a Talk on Audio-Visual Presentations – November 14th at the Bridgewater Photo Club


On Tuesday, November 14th from 7-10 pm the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Arthur Marshall as their guest speaker for the evening.  The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May.  Meetings are held at the MARC on Leary Fraser Road.  For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at or email us at

Arthur Marshall has been taking photographs for some time, at least long enough to remember the smell of D-76 and the hours and hours spent in a dark room making prints. Having now endured hours and hours and hours of editing with Photoshop, he realizes he would rather spend his time with the camera.  This and a love of abstraction help explain his current obsession with multiple exposure and other in-camera techniques. More of Arthur’s images can be seen at

We all want our photography to be creative, yet we all tend to fall back on what has worked in the past. Arthur will cover a number of basic options to shake up your photography and then touch on the more generalized techniques of intentional camera motion and multiple exposures.