New Arrivals + Exhibition Extension at Main & Station Nonesuch

NEW at Main & Station Nonesuch

Jim Holyoak’s “Book of Nineteen Nocturnes” has arrived!
Shelley Freeman, Nonesuch Artist in Residence has arrived!
Sarah Beth Goncarova has returned!
EXTENDED: the 2017 Nonesuch ART OF PAPER Awards Exhibition in the secondfloor gallery has been extended to October 30th:

UPCOMING at Main & Station Nonesuch

Wednesday OCTOBER 25, 7:30pm ~ G. Scott MacLeod : AIR in Iceland
Thursday OCTOBER 26, 7:30pm ~ Artist Talk with artist in residence Shelley Freeman

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We are delighted to announce the arrival of the 84th artwork featured in the 2017 Nonesuch Art of Paper Awards: Jim Holyoak’s “Book of Nineteen Nocturnes”…come on by and have a look..

Book of Nineteen Nocturnes,’ was 17 years in the making. The artist’s intention is for the book to be touched by anyone who wishes to turn its pages. While relating to graphic novels and illustrated fairytales, this book is also akin to an illuminated manuscript or a grimoire.

The text and images were developed while traveling (often trekking) throughout Nordic Europe, Canada, the Himalaya and China. Although the story and setting are fictitious, both are heavily inspired by these places: the animals and vegetation, the landscapes and skies, and the shifts in weather and lighting. Fragments were collected over many years, and then woven together, blending the observed with the imagined. The entire story is set at night, and the main character is a wandering monster named Book.

Sarah Beth Goncarova has returned to Parrsboro for a 2 week residency at Main & Station.  You might remember Sarah Beth from her beautiful installation What Gifts the Rain May Bring which was featured in our secondfloor gallery in 2014. While she is here Sarah Beth is working on a sculptural installation in West Bay and doing research for an upcoming commission at Still Waters Pond, an unplugged retreat in Voluntown, Connecticut, USA,


The 2017 Nonesuch Art of Paper Awards Parrsboro Exhibition has been extended to 30 October.

The exhibition will be open ONLY BY CHANCE or BY APPOINTMENT. You can contact us by email to arrange a viewing or just stop in when you see we are open.

Also in residence this month at Main & Station, Shelley Freeman is a visual artist with family roots in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta, B.C. and England.

Shelley is concerned with illusion, ambiguity of scale, the juxtaposition of light and dark masses, and the combination of figurative and abstract elements in the same composition. She is currently working on a series of paintings depicting deep areas in pools of water. She says “the underwater world may be perceived as empty, even though in reality, it teems with colour and movement, sometimes too subtle to be visible at the surface.” She plans to use her time in resdiency to explore new ways of incorporating more abstract elements into her compositions.
You can meet Shelley Freeman during her artist talk on Thursday 26 October, 7:30 pm in the Nonesuch Café at Main & Station, 168 Main Street, Parrsboro.

For more information about Shelley and what she does, check out her site

G. Scott MacLeod (MA, Art Education) is a multimedia artist and filmmaker with a special interest in peoples and histories — Montreal’s, Canada’s, the Scottish Highlands’, and the Vikings’. His work has been exhibited, screened and collected by cultural institutions and individuals around the world. In June of 2017 Scott attended the SIM Residency in Reykjavik, Iceland:

While Scott is in residency at Parrsboro’s Main & Station he will be working on a graphic novel of the Saga of Murdo MacLeod; developing a treatment for Ancestral Homes, a documentary on Scottish Immigration to Cape Breton; presenting his film Water of Life at the Parrsboro Film Festival,; and

You can meet Scott at Main & Station on Wednesday 25 October for a presentation about his experience on residency in Iceland. 7:30 pm in the Nonesuch Café at Main & Station, 168 Main Street, Parrsboro.

For more information about Scott and what he does, check out his site


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