Uncommon Common Art deadline 15 October

Open Call for Proposals
Uncommon Common Art 2018- Annual temporary public art exhibition
Submission Deadline: October 15, 2017, VANS office
A jury composed of professional artists and community members will select the artists for the exhibition. Applicants will be notified November 1.

Uncommon Common Art (UCA) is an annual site responsive art project that brings visual art out of institutions and into rural communities of Kings County, Nova Scotia between June 1 to October 31. This free event which is starting its’ 11th year, highlights the exceptional location of the Minas Basin Valley. UCA Guidebooks leads residents and visitors to explore the art installations in our communities, nature trails, and country lanes. Our projects expand the relationship of art and nature, and constantly work to make visual art and physical activity a more important part of life in Kings County.

2018 Concept – Lines of Site: the Sublime of the Minas Basin
The fluidity of the tidal zone of the Bay of Fundy defines the geographical site of Uncommon Common Art in Kings County. Known for its extremely high tides, the power of the natural force of the water creates an overwhelming sense of the sublime through its vast grandness and raw energy. Two mountain ranges bisect the area east to west and within these nestle the Annapolis Valley and its historic, agricultural communities.
These Lines of Site (Fundy shore and mountains) contain movement and transition. Paths of the nomadic crossed the land, precluding the lines created by the need for progress by rail and car. Lines of Site can be ephemeral and temporary by nature where time blurs between the past, present and future: environmental; geographical; historical; blood; time lines, to name a few. Lines of Site can also be an unobstructed line of sight between an intended observer (or spectator) and a subject of interest. It can be an inward gaze as the observer contemplates and makes connections to reach an insight.
Uncommon Common Art 2018 seeks proposals for site specific art installations that consider the concept Lines of Site, whilst responding to this sublime, awe inspiring geographic region within Nova Scotia.
All installations are to be located in Kings County, Nova Scotia and are to be accessible to the public. If on private land the artist must seek written approval of the landowner.
Fees to artist based on CARFAC guidelines.
This is a visual art project and all media is welcome. Installations are to be temporary. Artwork is to be completed and installed by May 25 and removed October 31, 2018.
Proposal will be juried on the following criteria maximum 30 points; relationship to the location 7 points, relationship to the Concept 5 points, visual impact 10 points, viability of completion 5 points, artists relationship to Kings County 3 points.
Include the following –
1. Proposal – detailing your project and its’ relationship to the 2018 Concept in no more than 1 page written and 3 images (drawings, photos of similar work, images of a mock up).
2. Previous artwork – images of previous related artwork no more than 3.
3. Timeline – outline of work and completion
4. CV (max 2-pages)
5. Short bio (250 words)
6. Contact info – Civic mailing address, phone number, email address.
Please clearly label your attachments as stated above. Send your submissions electronically to uncommoncommonart@gmail.com, subject line “submission”.
Selected artists will be notified by email, within two weeks of the submission deadline. If your project is selected, you will be required to sign an artist agreement.